Condensed, thick fog

Surrounds my brain

Useless hands hang idly by

We were talking about . . .

something . . .

Weren’t we? But have you

noticed how foggy it is today?

How it muffles the sounds

And it suffocates the sights

How it blurs the ability to take in

And halts the ability to extend out

We were talking about . . .

something . . .

Weren’t we? But have you

noticed the fog?

In honor of my Papa who passed away last year, January 14th, I will be re-posting my grief poems in the hopes that those who read these poems know that they are not alone and that our loved ones are not forgotten.


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14 thoughts on “Depression”

  1. Your words are poignantly exquisite Kayla, and these lines have me holding hand and chatting to my mum….
    “We were talking about . . .
    something . . .
    Weren’t we? But have you
    noticed the fog?”

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  2. Thanks for sharing. Coping with grief can be very difficult.
    Many bereaved ones have found that talking can be a helpful release. Which reminds men of the words, of the Bible character Job, who suffered the loss of all ten of his children and endured other tragedies. He said: “My soul certainly feels a loathing toward my life. I will give vent to my concern about myself. I will speak in the bitterness of my soul!” (Job 1:2, 18, 19; 10:1) Job needed to “give vent” to his concerns. How would he do so? “I will speak,” he explained.


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