The Agency Games

The Manuscript Came In! Merry Christmas to Me!

As you probably read in my title, the official manuscript proofs for Agency in the Hunger Games came in last week and I could not be more excited! The manuscript proofs show me exactly what my book should look like in print. They are my last opportunity to read through the pages once again and double check for any typos or errors.

In addition to double checking for correctness, I am asked to create an Index for my book which sounds pretty straight forward, but I know will still take me quite some time. McFarland Publishing company has requested that I slowly, carefully, and meticulously double check through my book for errors and create this index, and return it by January 10th!

If you don’t hear from me (less than you do now), please know that I am here. I will simply be working diligently on my manuscript. Once I turn this manuscript back in, that will be my final submission for this book. After that, it is fully in the hands of the publishers and the next time I see my book, it will be a finished and polished copy that I can hold in my hands.

Image result for excitement gif

Thank you for joining me over the past two years on this wonderful journey!

I cannot believe it is reaching its completion.

19 thoughts on “The Manuscript Came In! Merry Christmas to Me!”

      1. *Covers face in shame.* Um, besides trying to handle life as best as I can, I’ve been on twitter, fangirling over this tv drama that I really like that I may or may not write something about it. Thank you and you too!

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          1. I look back and I’m like, how did I let this happen? I think it might get crazier for me though, because I’m thinking about going back to school.

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