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Blogging Tip: 4 Ways to Attract More Followers

Hello fellow bloggers! Today we’re going to talk about followers, because as much as we all enjoy writing, sometimes blogging can feel like shouting into the void when we receive no response to our latest post. The best part of blogging is the community that comes with gaining and becoming a follower(s).

QUICK HINT: It is just as important to be a good follower as it is to find followers.

Here’s the thing. I do not have an astounding number of followers. I am still a relatively small blog compared to the people who do this for a living. I began this blog on October 8th, 2017 and since then I have gained 2,000+ followers (and some really great friends among those numbers). What I have going for me is consistency (at least most of the time because blogs, like life, have their valleys and hills).

In the past, I was asked, “How did you gain so many followers so quickly?”

Even now as I garner followers at a slower pace, I stick by my four ways to attract followers:

  • Hard work. No seriously, if you really want followers you are going to have to work hard. You cannot just come at it from one angle. Which leads to the next three points.


  • Post often. I do not think it is necessary to post every single day, although I applaud those of you who can. However, you should be blogging at least 3 times per week and not only should you be posting something, but it should be something of importance. Your content needs to be clear, interesting, helpful, engaging, etc. When creating a post consider what your intent is. Are you trying to entertain? Be encouraging? Give advice? Call for action? What will your reader gain from reading your post?


  • Engage OTHER blogs. This does not mean visiting random blogs and leaving a link to your blog. Do NOT go and spam someone’s blog with “support” and then comment “support back” or “follow back.” It becomes very clear that you are not actually interested in their site at all, you just want followers. Seriously, it’s frustrating and really, just rude. Instead, find blogs that are like yours or that interest you. I search for other blogs that relate to authors, books, writing, etc. Then I engage on the post and comment directly about what the other blogger has posted. I even ask questions. I engage in dialogue about THEIR blog, not mine. Now of course you can eventually bring up your blog if you think the other party would be interested, but don’t go into the conversation solely for your benefit. Go in to learn more about other blogs. Seriously, being a good follower is a key part to gaining followers yourself.


  • Engage with your FOLLOWERS. You’ve got followers! Great! Now, if their blogs interest you in the slightest, follow them back! You don’t need to subscribe to instant emails, but maybe just weekly emails or even just follow, but you should be engaging with them still. Just because you reached your goal and achieved your follower doesn’t mean that you move on from them. Be RECIPROCAL. When their posts come up in your “Reader” take some time to go through and like/comment on at least a few. When someone takes the time to comment on your latest post, click their name and check out what they have been up to.


  • HARD WORK. Are you understanding the hard part now? Maintaining a blog is hard enough, posting often is difficult, and engaging with new/old blogs is time-consuming. However, in my experience, this is a successful strategy that not only results in more followers, but also helps me to gain new insights from other blogs!


What about you? What are your blogging strategies?

Happy Writing & Blogging Everyone! 

Get out there and start engaging!



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42 thoughts on “Blogging Tip: 4 Ways to Attract More Followers”

  1. Definitely good tips! Reaching out to other bloggers isn’t just about getting followers to me but if people want to get followers they need to learn to do that and do it because they like the other person’s blog and not just for “likes” or “a follow.” Thanks for the reminders!

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  2. Thanks for the tips! I was surprised to read “blog 3 times a week”! I am fortunate if I have the time and the creativity to blog once a week (which is what I strive for). It can be challenging while also working a full-time stressful job. Thoughts?

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    1. I was able to keep up with at least 3 blog posts a week for about a year and half and then I got a new job at the beginning of the school year and that statistic plummeted rather quickly. I’m still working on finding that balance once again, but if I can figure it out, I’ll let you know!

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  3. Thank you, KaylaAnn. I have been following you for a while and I
    always gain helpful information from reading your blog. Keep it coming. This is is my first time blogging so I will put all of your tips into action.

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  4. I agree with your points but I do think it’s context-dependent. For example posting “at least 3 times per week,” could mean, at least for my blog, posting 1-2 book reviews, but then spending the third “post” reading other blogs and commenting. It’s likely more dependent on your audience how often you should post, unless you mean to maximize the chances that people will read at least one of your posts by posting more often. I’m always concerned that if I over-post, people will unfollow.

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    1. …correction. I started out writing about the interrestig people I’ve met in life and what I’ve learned about life because of them. Now I’m wondering if my short memoir plays better as short children stories.

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