Alphabet Challenge

My Favorite Alphabet Challenge Responses for August

Starting just last week, the Alphabet Challenge is under way! Although we have only addressed the letter “A” so far, I could not help myself but to showcase some other bloggers who participated in the Alphabet Challenge!


Eugenia from PoemsNSuch created a lovely poem entitled “Affliction”:

afterthoughts awry

agonizing over life

a poignant satire

WriteandRong created a lovely piece of prose dealing with a new perspective on that emotion called Anger:

“More often than not, you noticed his vehicle inching up behind you. It was inconspicuous – bright red and roaring engine. Like he wants you to know he is there.

But as you count down from ten and looked again, the car was nowhere to be found. And you immediately forgot that he had appeared.

One day, his car managed to reach the road by your side. And he waits for you to enter.

But you walked away. Maybe not today.

Then it happened again. This time, the door opened automatically, welcoming you in.

And you closed the door. I’ll give it one more chance, next time it’s on.

Then the third time happened . . .”

I love reading how different bloggers can view the same prompt and responded to it in vastly different ways! This week we will be responding to the letter “B.” I cannot wait to read what you all have in store!



What is the Alphabet Challenge?

The Alphabet Challenge requires you to focus on one letter of the alphabet every week and to create a blog post concerning that letter. For example, Week One you will need to focus on the letter “A.” For this letter, you can write poetry, flash fiction, or even draw a picture, whatever you choose, as long as it features that specific letter.

For this challenge, I will be posting my response to each letter on every Wednesday of each week. That means that I will be working on completing this challenge from the months of September to December.

However, I do not want to do this alone! I am inviting each of you to join me in this challenge. Every Wednesday when I post my response to the Alphabet Challenge, I encourage YOU to comment a link that leads back to YOUR response to the Alphabet Challenge.

Why should you join the Alphabet Challenge?

  1. Engage in blogging community by leaving links to your response to the Alphabet Challenge and by checking out other bloggers’ links and posts.

  2. Enjoy the challenge of this four-month journey by stretching your writing muscles.

  3. Have a ready to go prompt for a blog post every Wednesday without having to worry about finding an idea

  4. And oh yea, every month, I will be choosing my favorite response to the Alphabet Challenge and sharing it on my blog (bringing more exposure to your blog!)

Happy Writing!

Credit for this wonderful photo goes to Amador Loureiro


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