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Hunger Games Friday: NEW Prequel Coming Out in 2020

Oh, what’s that noise? Sorry, that’s just me squealing like a little girl at Christmas time when she opens the box and finds a puppy!

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I was so excited to hear the news. Have you heard it?

Suzanne Collins is releasing a new installment of the Hunger Games series in 2020!

According to Collins herself, “With this book, I wanted to explore the state of nature, who we are, and what we perceive is required for our survival. The reconstruction period ten years after the war, commonly referred to as the Dark Days—as the country of Panem struggles back to its feet—provides fertile ground for characters to grapple with these questions and thereby define their views of humanity.”

As she says, the plot of the book will take place during the ten years after war, during the Dark Days. In other words, this novel will take place during the 10th year of the Hunger Games. If my calculations are correct, that is around the same time that Mags from District 4 was chosen as tribute and she won her games. Perhaps, if we are lucky we will get to see a glimpse of Mags as a young woman!

I am ecstatic to see what Collins has come up with, especially as she explores the state of humanity. In my upcoming book (most likely to also debut in 2020), I explore human agency through Collins characters. I wonder what her novel will mean for my analysis. If nothing else, I know that I will be highly entertained and impressed by Collins’ writing, but hopefully, I might also be able to pick up the discussion of agency and see how Collins continues to represent it through her characters.

How many other Hunger Games fans out there will be lining up or pre-ordering Collins’ prequel?

You can bet to find me there!


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8 thoughts on “Hunger Games Friday: NEW Prequel Coming Out in 2020”

  1. *Yawn*
    I have not read the books, I have to admit.
    But this just reminds me of J.K. Rowling. First, they release a series of really good books that people go crazy about and then they say there are done, but then the demand is so high and so is the pressure that they write more and it’s…. rather mediocre. It just becomes less about writing and more about money. And it’s rather distasteful.
    I do hope you enjoy the new book once it comes out, though.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Floating gold, you have to read the books before you write them off. Give them a try!
      Hopefully this will be a bit different (cause I definitely agree with the whole Rowling fiasco). Collins keeps a lower social media presence so maybe this might be more about writing than public perception.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. yeah! this is amazing. I’m in love with hunger games. there’s noway i’m missing out this one! thanks a lot Kayla Ann for the awesome news!
    really looking forward to this amazing book!
    may the odds be ever in our favour 🙂 — HG


      1. ikr..such an amazing series..btw have you read the Atlantis grail series-by Vera Nazarian..its actually pretty interesting too. It has both sci-fi and dystopian genres.

        Liked by 1 person

          1. There are four books -Qualify, Compete,Win and Survive. There’s an amazing plot, you must give it a try since you’re a hunger games fan 🙂

            Liked by 1 person

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