The Rhythm of My Heart

The clock has truly run down. Today is the day and I

can feel my heart, not thundering, nor pounding,

but persistently




in my chest

So ready, so willing, desperately desiring to finally take that walk

Where my destination will lead me to the place I have always wanted to be

I was told there would be butterflies in my stomach,

but I can feel them fluttering away inside my chest




along to the rhythm of my heart

I know that somewhere out there, you are taking your place

Our family and friends are settling in their seats, as music begins to

play that sweet melody. It wafts through the air, it’s my signal.

I hold tightly to the arm of my father, and as I round that corner,

the world fades, and all I see is you.

And all I hear is the

thump thump thumping of a heart that has always belonged to you.

Thank you for capturing this moment on my wedding day! Photo credit goes to A Touch of Soul Photography (aka best photographers in the world)


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17 thoughts on “The Rhythm of My Heart”

  1. Thump
    I wish you togetherness
    Without too many bumps
    May you always remember
    The beautiful butterflies
    And the anticipation
    Of their thump
    And may your marriage always have that sound
    Thump ………….

    Liked by 1 person

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