The Deadliest Sin

You can have me



Whatever, Whoever

Whenever you want.

Lips as sweet as honey

And as sticky as glue

A tongue that slips through your teeth

Tainting your mouth

With acid


Why run when you

Can stay and play?

Stay, and do with me




However you will.

Soft skin

Dissolves, falls, reveals

A hollowed skeleton within

Glowing eyes

Turn, burn, expose

An emptied soul



***Credit for the amazing image displayed alongside this poem goes to Marta Dahlig. I found her collection of the Seven Deadly Sins years and years ago. When I decided to embark on this project, I immediately recollected her collection and knew that I wanted to showcase her amazing art. If you love this picture, be sure to check out her other work on DeviantArt.


This series of poems was written in response to a prompt that I saw on Pinterest. As you might have realized, this poem is way different than all of the previous “Seven Deadly Sin” poems. In this poem, the speaker and the “sin” are at war with one another within the poem as each try to reach out to the reader. Lust wants the reader to do as they please (and suffer for it) while the speaker is encouraging the reader to exercise restraint.

Lust is not love (just throwing that out there.) Lust is the excessive focus on sexual desire which can be accomplished alone or with others. I consider it the deadliest of the seven sins because of what lust has done to our world. Lust is responsible for a myriad of evils such as STDs, affairs, divorce, rape, etc.

Happy Writing Everyone!

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***Please know that I am currently reblogging old blog posts while I am away getting married and going on my honeymoon! I will not be able to approve or reply to comments until late June.***



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2 thoughts on “The Deadliest Sin”

  1. Congratulations on your wedding, wishing you every happiness.
    I’m not sure I agree with your analysis of lust.
    STDs (like any contagion) is more to do with lack of information and education regarding them.
    Affairs (yes, fair enough, lust does play a big part in this but lust alone is perhaps not the culprit)
    The same with divorce and rape. Divorce can occur for all sorts of reasons, and I think to assign lust as the cause of rape downplays the darkness behind that crime.
    As with everything, lust has its place. Excess is where it runs into trouble.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you Carol for your congrats and your comment!
      I love hearing difference opinions. The type of lust I’m discussing here really is the destructive kind of lust. While divorce occurs for many reasons, lust is often involved. While there are other reasons for rape (power, depravity, hate), lust always plays a role. You’re right though, lust is particularly destructive when it becomes excessive.


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