The First Sin

Who knows better than I?

Slim hands reach up

Without hesitation

Back arched in expectation

Fingers brush against the fruit

Golden and smooth

Who knows better than I?

Taunt skin broken by teeth

Juices flows from underneath

A sweet and yet bitter taste

A feeling that something

Or someone has been misplaced

Who knows better than I?

Painful separation

An early expulsion

Exiled to the wilderness

Hand-in-hand we stand

Punished by our own wickedness

***Credit for the amazing image displayed alongside this poem goes to Marta Dahlig. I found her collection of the Seven Deadly Sins years and years ago. When I decided to embark on this project, I immediately recollected her collection and knew that I wanted to showcase her amazing art. If you love this picture, be sure to check out her other work on DeviantArt.


This series of poems was written in response to a prompt that I saw on Pinterest.

Vanity, more often known as Pride, is the excessive belief in oneself. It is the extreme hubris to believe that “I” know better, am better, think better, than everyone else.

Happy Writing Everyone!

***Please know that I am currently reblogging old blog posts while I am away getting married and going on my honeymoon! I will not be able to approve or reply to comments until late June.***


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