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Blogging Tip: Re-Use Published Posts

Now, before you get all…

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Take a second to hear me out.

It is completely OKAY to re-use old content. You might have noticed lately that I have been re-sharing writing and blogging advice that I posted in the past.

Here’s why:

  • My Blog is Growing! (Which is awesome by the way) And that means that I have new followers.
  • New followers means that I have people currently following my blog and reading my posts who have not seen the old posts.
  • So, I share the old posts for two primary reasons:
    • So that my new followers will have access to writing and blogging tips previously published
    • And that my old followers will be reminded of writing and blogging tips they have previously read.

Not only is this beneficial for my followers, new or vintage, but it is helpful for me as well because it helps fill up my blogging schedule.

Now, don’t get me wrong. You should not, definitely not, spam your blog with old content. Do not repost the same blogs every week or every month in a never ending cycle. Your blog should consist primarily of new content with some old content thrown in.

Here is what I consider the golden ration when I post 10 times every two weeks:

8 new vs. 2 old

(In every two week span I normally re-share 1-2 posts per 10 blogs)

80% of my blogs are new, fresh, and exciting content while 20% is re-sharing previously published content for those who have not seen it or need the reminder.

Also, I hardly ever re-share movie reviews, contest results, etc. because no one needs to hear that twice. I only ever re-share writing tips, blogging tips, and maybe the occasional short story or poem.

What do you think about re-sharing previously posted content?

What is your golden ratio?


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22 thoughts on “Blogging Tip: Re-Use Published Posts”

  1. I use social media for re-sharing posts – every year on their anniversary on Facebook (and for the first anniversary on Twitter). Also with new posts if the content is related somehow to an old post and if I can find a way, I include a link to the old post within the new one.

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  2. Seconded! Old posts shouldn’t be forgotten. I always try to revive my old content either via sharing them on social media or by linking to them in newer posts. Some of my best posts were written long ago, so at blog parties, when we’re asked to share our blog posts, I often share my old posts.

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      1. I try not to let more than two days pass without posting. I’m trying to get it up to every other day. But with homeschooling 3 kids, one with special needs, and also working on several writing projects, including trying to publish my second book on Amazon this month, it can be difficult, lol. But I feel good about my progress!

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        1. Oh Heather I definitely understand that! I love blogging but it’s one of the most difficult things that I do, trying to stay up to date with my posts, that’s for sure! Sounds like you’re wonder mom!

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          1. Lol, I wouldn’t say wonder mom! If you read my latest post you’ll see that half the time I feel like I’m barely keeping it together! 😳😳
            But I do try to balance everything the best I can! I’m getting a little better at keeping up with posting. Some weeks are hard though. The week of the girls’ dance recital I think I only posted once! 😩


  3. I revive old posts, especially poetry! I audit my blog frequently and pick poems out of a narrative post and sometimes redo them. Also, now that you have more followers, reposting an older post will most likely gather more attention.

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