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Blogging Tip: Engaging in Reciprocation One Reply at a Time

Hello Bloggers!

I keep talking and talking (and talking) about this word “reciprocation.” According to the Online Etymology Dictionary, reciprocation means:

reciprocate (v.)

“to return, requite,” 1610s, back-formation from reciprocation, or else from Latin reciprocatus, past participle of reciprocare “rise and fall, move back and forth; reverse the motion of,” from reciprocus (see reciprocal). Related: Reciprocatedreciprocating.


Let’s focus on this idea of “to return.” Reciprocation means to give back what has been given, or to reflect in equal measures. Now sometimes, we can reciprocate above and beyond what we have been given, but for now, let’s just look at the prospect of equal reciprocation.

What does this look like in blogging? In some ways, it is extremely simple:

If someone visits your blog, visit theirs.

Of course, we can take this even further with a like for a like or a comment for a comment. 99% of the time, I do my very best to engage in this method of reciprocation. For instance, if someone visits my blog and leaves a comment, I open their blog in a new tab before I respond to them and so on and so forth. If you examine the photo below, you’ll notice that I have 17+ tabs open.


The first tab is my site, this is where I open my notifications and check my likes, read comments, and respond. As I am going through my notifications, every time I come across a comment on my blog, I do my best to open a new tab with that bloggers blog. After I have finished my responses to comments, I then spend about an hour or so going through the blogs and reciprocate!

When I go to their blogs, I often read the latest post or find a post (if they have many) that stands out to me. Sometimes, if I have nothing to say (which happens rarely), I’ll simply “like” their post because I hate leaving empty, meaningless comments. For the most part however, I usually leave at least one comment on one blog post before moving on to the next blog.

“Now Kayla Ann,” you might be asking, “Does that mean I have to follow everyone who follows me?”

Goodness no! Following should be a response of genuine interest, but I’ll discuss this further in an upcoming blog post!

So what do you think of my rules of reciprocation? Do you have a similar system? How do you engage in reciprocation?

Happy Blogging!


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21 thoughts on “Blogging Tip: Engaging in Reciprocation One Reply at a Time”

  1. I like your rules of reciprocation. If someone looks at my blog, Id like to know who it was. By going to their blog, I will see if I’m hitting my target audience. While there, I look at what they are about and follow if we have similar interests. If someone gives me a like, I engage them in comments when possible, whether they follow me or not.

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    1. It’s a great system, that’s for sure! I especially like your idea of seeing who is looking at your blog and if you are attracting your target audience, I had not thought of that before.


  2. Great post. I have similar rules. If someone new likes my post, I go to their blog and show some love by at least reading one post and liking and commenting. I used to have a struggle with following. Now I only follow if I love the blog, as one only has so many blogs they can read.

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  3. My rules are the same as yours. Sometimes I get overwhelmed with so much to read, especially when I post for Go Dog Go Cafe, but it’s worth every minute. I’ve made some good virtual friends by reciprocating. I refer to it as camaraderie and/or mutual support.

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  4. I like this idea! Sometimes I do it with blogs and sometimes I even do it with Instagram comments, but it’s definitely something I’d like to get better at doing. I’m probably going to steal your tab tip! And maybe I’ll start replying to instagram comments on my computer so I can open tabs. 🙂

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    1. Please feel free to use my tab tip! I hope you find it helpful for both blogging and on Instagram. Are we friends on Instagram? Drop your user name here so I can like your page!


  5. I think it’s a great idea. It’s friendship building 101–if someone says hello (on your blog), you should do the same. At the very least, reply to their comment. I’m really impressed that you do all of that, though–especially with such a large number of followers. It must keep you really busy.

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