A Wrong Diagnosis

A prognosis of three years

That turned into three months

That changed to three weeks

Ended Abruptly.

This month would have been my Papa’s birthday and his wedding anniversary. I miss him so much.

Love you Papa.


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33 thoughts on “A Wrong Diagnosis”

    1. Far too fast and too soon… we just didn’t expect our time to be over so quickly but that is the world, we need to take advantage of the time we have. Our bond will always encourage me to continue writing (he was one of my biggest writing advocates). Thank you Darnell, I miss him. This month would have been his birthday.


  1. I’m sorry for your loss! 😦 How terrible that the prognosis was much worse than anticipated. My father was diagnosed with lung cancer in Aug. 2010. They gave him false hope and subjected him to major surgery and painful treatments, which they claimed would give him at least five more years. He died six months later. His time would have been better spent enjoying the remainder of his life.

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    1. Debbie, your story sounds so familiar. My Papa was diagnosed with lung cancer in June 18. They told him with treatments, he could have more years. It quickly progressed into lung, bone, then blood cancer within 6 months.


    1. Thank you Peregrine. That is something I tell my students, it is okay to be angry and depressed even. We just cannot allow ourselves to linger there. We have to remember love and hope and compassion too. But yes, I will allow myself to have sad days.

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    1. Thank you Obinna, it has been extremely rough, especially this month as it is his birthday. We miss him, my grandpa most of all, but we look forward to seeing him again. Thank you for your sympathy my friend.

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    1. Yes indeed! My family and I went to see Mary Poppins Returns the day after he died as we tried to find some relief and distraction from our pain. Needless to say we cried like babies during some of those scenes and songs.

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