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Blogging Tip: Plan Ahead

One of the biggest obstacles to blogging (I think) is consistently pushing through posts on a regular basis that contain great content. What I mean by this is it is hard to post every day, or even every other day, and on top of that, it is harder to post great blogs every time.

Let’s be honest, some days we just don’t feel very creative. We’re tired either physically or mentally or both and we just don’t have anything to contribute. We sit down at this blank screen and think, “wow I literally have nothing to say.”

Or worse, you sit down and write something up but then that evil villain known as Self-Doubt crawls into your ear and commands that you erase the entire post because he doesn’t think its good.

First off, tell Self-Doubt to take a hike. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life! And so what if you post one blog that isn’t up to your regular standards? Be honest about it at the end of your post and maybe ask for feedback. Ask your followers to help you out, there’s nothing wrong with being human!

Yet, there will be days when you simply cannot write, you can’t think, and you definitely can’t create a blog post. That will happen, so prepare for it and plan ahead!

Part of blogging is spontaneous creativity, the other part is being prepared with planned posts.

You heard me, Planned Posts.

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When you have great days where creativity is flowing, don’t stop after one post and don’t post multiple times a day. Instead keep creating and scheduling them in advance. For instance, this is the third tip I have planned ahead today on March 6. 

Write in advance on your good days so that you don’t need to worry on your bad days.

Happy Writing & Blogging Everyone!

What about you? Do you plan ahead with your blog posts? Do you find it helpful?



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22 thoughts on “Blogging Tip: Plan Ahead”

  1. Great post! I definitely agree with scheduling in advance. I have a new blog on my counseling website and I plan to use the month of April to write/ schedule posts daily (as I build my caseload). Gonna schedule some and sell the others. I have a post about that if you wanna check it out. Hope you enjoyed your spring break!

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  2. This is especially helpful during the A to Z challenge and I found that last year was much easier when I had the drafts made for each letter of the alphabet before starting the challenge. That way, even if I didn’t have the whole post written, at least I had the basic pictures and links in place. Great reminder, KaylaAnn

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    1. Sometimes we just need the skeleton present to start packing on the muscle and skin. I’ve done that myself with blog posts, where I create something (not good but something), and I go back to it later, clean it up, make it pretty, and hit “schedule.”

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  3. You always have some great tips. Okay, I admit, I’m not too bright, never even gave it a thought to write a post ahead of time. Good idea though and I will have to try that. Although most of my posts are rather date sensitive. But days like today, it would sure have been nice to have something at least mostly done, it was hard going today. Oh well, I have learned something, thanks!

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    1. Thank you Steve! When I first started blogging, I had no sense of when to post, how often to post, etc. When I found the “schedule” button, I couldn’t have been happier.
      What types of posts are you working on right now?


      1. I’m still not too coordinated yet!😂. But I am tossing around some ideas in my head. Make a few changes once in a while in my writing. Don’t want to change too much at a time, but might have one post each week on a particular topic, and keep my other 2 posts as they are, kind of random which is more like me!😁. I usually don’t know what I’m going to write about until I sit down at my computer!

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  4. That is a terrific tip. When I have “literally nothing to say,” I don’t try to write at all. And I sure don’t write a post that says, “Sorry everyone, but I have nothing to write about.” They do come in spurts, don’t they? I have five or six pre-written posts edited and ready…

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  5. Every post I read about how to have a successful blog, consistency is one of the highlighted points. I write most of my posts ahead of time, especially the weekly challenge for BrewNSpew. Also, the posts I write for Go Dog Go Cafe, I schedule. IMO, it helps to be a few steps ahead in my posts, especially the weeklies.

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    1. Eugenia, you do have a model of a successful blog, I see that it continues to grow (congrats on that by the way)! When I first started blogging, you were one of my inspirational bloggers. I wanted to be consistent and kind like you.

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