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Spring Break Week-Long Blog Party (NOW CLOSED)

***This Blog Party is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who participated! I got to meet a ton of new bloggers this past week and I hope to develop my community even further. Thank you to the wonderful participants who talked with other guests and visited other blogs. These parties only work when we really engage with one another. Until the next party!***

Hey Everyone and Happy Spring Break!

Any other teachers or students out there exhausted by this semester and so grateful for a week off?

Unlike my normal blog parties that only last a weekend, this blog party will be lasting ALL. WEEK. LONG! That’s right! ALL WEEK! I’m hoping to meet some new bloggers and expand my blogging community!

Let’s celebrate Spring Break Week the way true bloggers do!

(Indoors and avoiding direct sunlight).

Image result for spring break baby gif

For those of you who are not aware what a blog party is let me break it down. Generally speaking, a blog party is an online gathering for bloggers of all kinds to meet and engage with one another.

Here are some simple rules:

  1. First off, everyone is welcome to participate in this Blog Party (even if you do not currently follow me, although I would LOVE it if you did!) -> If you are a new follower of my blog, say hi and let me know so that I remember to drop by your blog and check you out.
  2. Leave a Comment and a Link! Say hi and tell us who you are and what your blog is about. Feel free to leave a link connecting back to your blog’s home page or to your favorite or most recent blog post! (Post this only once please.)
  3. Mix and Mingle! This is where the party begins. I am blessed to have nearly 2,000 followers and this is a great opportunity for many of my friends to meet each other. You guys are amazing and I think a lot of you would enjoy meeting and following one another.
  4. Remember, you never have to follow anyone just because they follow you. However, it is good manners to always return a page visit for a page visit. Did someone stop by your blog, like or leave a comment? Do the same for them! It only takes a minute.
  5. Don’t forget to REBLOG! Spread the fun by encouraging your own followers to join in the party! This is the best way to attract new bloggers by spreading the word.
  6. Lastly, please do not comment “I just followed your blog, please follow back!” or anything similar. You will be booted from the party. Follow the blogs you honestly like, don’t play the “follow game.”

As we are celebrating spring break, feel free to share with the group what you plan on doing this Spring Break! Will you be grading papers like me? Will you finally sit down and write that book that you’ve been working on for years? Or will you actually go outside and maybe even hit the beach?

The possibilities are endless!

Image result for olaf summer
Can anyone spot the “blogger” on Spring Break in this picture?

This Blog Party will be held and moderated exclusively March 18th – 22nd so don’t miss out! Invite your friends and share with your blogging community!


207 thoughts on “Spring Break Week-Long Blog Party (NOW CLOSED)”

  1. Did someone say “party”!? 💃 💃
    Thank you so much for providing us with yet another opportunity to make friends with other bloggers, KaylaAnn!

    Hello everyone! I’m Obinna, but if we’re going to be good friends, you can call me Obi or Shards. 😉
    I blog at Shards of Bards ( I mostly share productivity hacks, writing tips, and blogging advice for people who wish to improve themselves in these three areas. I’ve made a couple of friends from KaylaAnn’s previous blog parties. I hope I meet some good people at this party, too. 😊


    Liked by 3 people

    1. Someone did say party!!! And welcome! We continue to party on like faeries that hosted revels for weeks on in! I’m enjoying all the new connections and friendships that I have seen blossom in the comments. Hopefully they will last beyond this party.
      So glad you could make it Obi and I’m glad to hear that you’ve made friends before and of course I am thankful for our friendship!

      Liked by 2 people

    1. Hello Debbie! So nice to meet you and thank you for sharing on Twitter! I won’t lie, I have a much harder time understanding the Twitter world than the blogosphere!
      Do you run an Inn? Like Lorelei from Gilmore Girls? How wonderful! Heading to your blog now to check you out, be sure to say hello to the others.

      Liked by 2 people

      1. Not literally an “Inn”. 😀 I offer a boarding service for dogs, in my home. I just call it the “Canine Inn”. It’s like a little doggie commune. Twitter is a great tool for bloggers, in regards to post sharing. You should put your Twitter handle on your sharing page, though, otherwise, WordPress gets the credit, not you, unless people change it by hand like I did. Most won’t bother. Here’s a link that explains:

        Liked by 3 people

    1. Hey Joey! Bring on the poetry party!
      For some reason now I feel like breaking out in a “poetry” (rap) battle but then I realize how poorly that would probably go for me. I’m heading over to your blog! Have fun at the party!

      Liked by 2 people

  2.     I write poetry and quirky stuff. Sometimes I write philosophy. I’ll link to one poem. I don’t know if it’s the best one, or even a good one, but anyway:
    Meadow of Doom
        Most of the time I live in a secret cave complex. Sometimes I commute to a safe exit point, and take a taxi the rest of the way.
        I’m an outcast from many worlds (or is that renegade on a multiplex). My father was an Ovfibog and my mother was Ut’ishsih. When I write in standard English without any allusions to caveman culture, no one knows my hairy dispositions and Neanderthal-like false prides. The traditional Ut’ishsih speak the Utd’mbts language.
        My father was ashamed to teach me Utd’mbts, so I don’t know it that well. He was one of those aimless ones, the Ovfibogs, who wandered up and down, being neither Mekibota nor Ut’ishsih, uncomfortable everywhere and angry. I don’t think that any translations I could ever learn to do would ever bring any lightning bolts, even if I could ever understand the ancient knowledge, but Utcoozhoo seems to think that if I ever truly learned it that I could bring on the destruction of the up-top world. I’m caught between a rock and a hard poem.

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  3.     Douglas Gilbert is the Poet Laureate of the Primitive Planets. His designation by The League of Benevolent Galaxies is a lifetime appointment. Secretary-General Chytchalrorix informed him that there was no stipend, but just a paper certificate, made from the pulp of their long extinct keypapx tree engraved thus:
        Poet Laureate of the Primitive Planets
        (Milky Way Division)
        Category 15297xt7388: Backward and Primitive Planets
       So far, I haven’t been required to write an “Official” poem. But I’m starting to get nervous because when the Extraterrestrials return they’re going to demand that I write a poem on a theme of their choosing. Their scholars who study primitive planets may be expecting a stereotypical Earth poem. I don’t know if I’ll be able to meet their demands.
        In the meantime here’s one poem. It’s not typical because I write in many different styles. I never know which one poem would be the best to choose because everyone seems to like a different one in a different style. So anyway here’s one:
    Fish Watching Paint Dry

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