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Blogging Tip: Leave the Stats Alone

Fun fact: Blogging statistics can drive you crazy!

Today I am addressing new bloggers and veteran bloggers alike. A blog is a lot like a person and just like us, blogs go through their own hills and valleys and these are often physically represented by your statistics (Stats).

Have you ever noticed how your stats seem to climb crazy high some days and other days, there is barely a distinguishable stump? The other day, I received the below notification: my blog was getting more views than normal! Yay! (Right?)

Well, actually, I may have received more views on that day, but I received far less comments than I do on an “average” day. The stats (although positive) revealed nothing about my own personal goals which do not center on visibility, but, rather, on community and interacting with fellow bloggers.

Here is my advice to bloggers (and you can take it or leave it):

Don’t Obsess Over Your Stats.

A lot of bloggers measure their success based on how many people viewed, liked, commented on, or reblogged their posts. Don’t get me wrong, that stuff is awesome and encouraging, but if you base the success of your blog on the success of your stats you are going to fail.

Yes, good stats often reflect a good blog, but over-analyzing them can lead to self-doubt, a sense of never being good enough, and inability to post due to a fear that it will not garner enough of a reaction.

Stats are good for information but not as a goal.

Instead, use realistic goals for your blog and determine your purpose. Ask yourself:

  • What is the purpose of my blog?
  • What do I want to achieve through my blog?
  • What part about blogging do I enjoy the most?

Instead of focusing on stats, focus on these three things instead for a healthier blogging experience!

Happy Writing Everyone!


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36 thoughts on “Blogging Tip: Leave the Stats Alone”

      1. I’ve never really thought about it 🤔. My first goal was to have a platform that got my name out there. Now my only goal is to write one post a week that is as helpful to other writers as I can make it. I just write posts about what I’ve learned or want to learn. I guess that’s another goal too. Thanks for asking 😊.

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  1. This came in timely. Just yesterday, I was checking my stats and I was like: “I’ve been blogging for nearly two years and THIS is all I have to show for it?”
    It really weakened my zeal. I wasn’t happy all through yesterday. Even after I read some of MY OWN posts where I advised new bloggers not to obsess over their stats, my mood didn’t improve.

    But I woke up with a clear head this morning, and your post is the first thing I saw in my notifications. Thank you for sharing this advice, KaylaAnn. I feel so much better now.

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    1. Hey Obinna, I am so glad that this post came at a good time for you! This was one of my older posts, but I felt like I needed to repost it because it was an issue even in my own blogging. Like you, I saw my stats and thought, “what?” But ultimately, I choose not to obsess over my stats. If I am communicating with fellow bloggers like yourself, then I consider myself a success!

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