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Writing Tip: Set Up Your Environment for Writing Success

Hello writers! Some of you may already know this, but maybe some of you have never heard this before.

Before you even start writing, you need to set up your environment for writing success!

“Set up your environment?” What do I mean by that?

Here’s the thing, my ideal environment to write in is up in the mountains of Big Bear, sitting on the deck of a two story cabin, the sky blue and the breeze light with birds chirping in the background with a cup of hot tea in my hands. However, as a full time professor, teacher, writer, and fiance, my chances for retreating to the mountains are minimized. However, that doesn’t mean that I can’t manipulate my current environment.


What I find helpful is setting up a specific space. This space should be somewhere that you often find yourself when you are really ready to write. Maybe it’s your bedroom/dorm room, maybe it’s that coffee shop down the street, maybe it’s outdoors, or maybe it’s on the floor of your kid’s nursery (because you know as soon as you leave, they’ll wake up).

For me, that is my kitchen table. There is plenty of room for me to spread out my laptop, my notebook, my resources, and hey! easy access to food and tea! I don’t have a home office so this table has quickly become my office space. Be inventive with your writing space! Make it your own, make it familiar, and make it encouraging to your writing process.

Image result for book on kitchen table

But before I can start writing I find that I need music. For me, that means turning on Pandora and clicking on The Hunger Games soundtrack playlist which has already been modified by my thumbs up and down. These familiar songs automatically switch my brain into writing mode.

Music is such a great motivator! Maybe you don’t have a specific playlist that comes to mind. Have you considered playing gaming music (specifically boss level music). If you aren’t sure what this means, in video games there is specific music that comes on when a character faces the ultimate bad-guy; this music has been specifically created to motivate the gamer and keep them engaged. In the same way, if you are having a hard time staying motivated, consider playing music from a popular video game. There are no lyrics to distract you (most likely) and it’s been specifically created to keep the listener activated in their task.

If that’s not your thing, consider playing soothing music in the background or simply your favorite playlist. Whatever you decide, try to keep it consistent. That way, when you hear the familiar music, you will automatically think that it is time to write!

This one might not be applicable to everyone, some of you might prefer to work in complete silence and that is okay! Whatever you do, try to control your environment the best you can. This might not always be possible so the important thing is to keep writing.

*If you enjoyed today’s Writing Tip be sure to check out additional tips under the “Writing Tips” category on my home menu!

Write down in the comments how YOU plan to set your environment! 

Happy Writing Everyone!


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5 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Set Up Your Environment for Writing Success”

  1. I use an old bakers rack as my desk, etc. It has five shelves, which hold my printer, two laptops and other items I use. I sit next to a window where I can enjoy nature. We live in an apartment and are lucky to have an abundance of trees as our view.

    I listen to music, with lyrics, since lyrics can spark a mood.

    I make myself get up and walk around and exercise because sitting too long is not good. It also makes me feel renewed.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh Eugenia, that bakers rack sounds amazing! I wish I could see a picture of it! Have you ever posted it online?

      I find I have to be in the right mood. Lyrics can either really help or hurt my writing time. You are so right about getting up and stretching: it’s rejuvenating for the mind and the body.


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