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Writing Tip: Accepting Failure

Let me be honest. Failure is going to be a part of your writing career. It just is. And let me honest again. Failure is going to be a part of life.

We are humans, we cannot succeed at everything, all the time.

So, before you begin your career as an author, an artist, a composer, a teacher, whatever you choose, accept that at some point you will fail.

Failure today does not mean that you cannot succeed tomorrow. – KaylaAnn

Failure is only a moment in time, a response to a singular incident. Failure does not define you or your career. The best option, and really the only option you have to success, is to accept failure and then move on from it.

Sometimes our failures will be small. For example, I failed a lot of my daily word count goals between the months of November – January. However, I did not let that stop me. I did not throw my hands in the air and say, “Well, I failed, it’s over!” Nope, I moved forward and planned to begin writing in earnest again.

Sometimes our failures will be big. For example, I’ve just recently received my review from my third reader and let’s just say, it wasn’t great. Now, I’m stuck where I have two decisions and either decision will require drastic change to my manuscript. However, that does not mean that I give up, I pick myself back up (after I cried my eyes out) and I get ready to face the problem head on.

So accept failure, but do not let it define you. Do not let it stop you. Do not let it hinder your progress. Acknowledge it, learn from it, be strengthened by it.

I’ll keep you updated on my book, The Agency Games, once I have some more information. Please wish me luck and keep me in your prayers as I work toward this goal and attempt to decide what is best for my manuscript.

Accept Failure but Never Stop Moving Forward.

32 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Accepting Failure”

  1. I mentioned before that I’d received many rejections on my book when submitting to agents. I’ve since decided to start small first and have been writing some short stories to try and get published in a few magazines as a stepping stone, and to give me at least a little publishing history. I just sent in my first one the other day and am biting my nails waiting for a response (can take up to 3 months). Even so, I just finished writing a second one to send to another magazine. If they refuse, I will submit somewhere else. I figured then I could possibly go back and look at my book more objectively after some time apart and do some significant re-writing before trying again with that. Hang in there…I believe you will get there in the end, even if it’s a painful road you walk in the meantime.

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    1. Hey Rose, and thank you for sharing your story! It’s easy for us authors to read all about the success stories but we often forget what a hard road those authors had to walk (even authors who are accepted go months or years on editing and revising their work). It’s a good reminder that all success takes hard work.

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    1. It’s an important (and often overlooked) aspect of every writer (artist’s) journey. Failure is everywhere and along every step of the road but we must decide how we will react to it.


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