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Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Hello Everyone!

One of the awesome things about blogging is that I get to connect with people from all over the world! Something that did not occur to me when I was much younger was that not everyone celebrates Thanksgiving. While maybe not everyone celebrates, it’s still a good reminder to everyone anywhere to pause for a moment and give thanks.

America’s first Thanksgiving took place in October of 1621 and lasted for three whole days! (I can hardly imagine that as I am stuffed to the point of explosion after one day of feasting.) On November 16th, 1863, President Abraham Lincoln announced that the nation would celebrate an official Thanksgiving every year on November 26th.

Today, I celebrate Thanksgiving with my family. We have yearly traditions, like many other families, and these include: baking over 100 cookies, deep-frying a turkey, coming together as a large and loud family, and drawing names for Christmas’ secret Santa. However, my favorite tradition is when every member of my family states what they are most thankful that year at the feasting table.

This year, I am most thankful for my grandfather’s presence during the holiday seasons. Only a few months ago, he was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer that had rooted in a couple places in his body. Although he did radiation, the cancer spread and is pretty much throughout his entire body. While that is not something to be grateful for, I am still thankful that he is here with us today. Even if we are struggling, I am so dang grateful that I have another Thanksgiving with this amazing man who has taught me so much.

So today, I challenge you to leave a comment and answer this question:

What are you thankful for today?

Regardless of our circumstances, we can always find something to be thankful for. I pray that you all have a wonderful day and take some time to reflect on your own gratitude.

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37 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!”

  1. I am thankful for God. I didn’t know Him in my heart before this year start. I want to thank God for my family, thank God for his healing (we recently experienced a loss), thank God for teaching me forgiveness of myself and towards others, and I want to thank God for ordering my steps. Many blessings to you and your family.

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  2. Yes! To be grateful is something very important for the human being, to remind him of those who have less or nothing at all, while we have what we have which has been given by God to us for free.

    I believe that we MUST be grateful for what we have everyday. Even though it is hard as We usually complain about what we Don’t have.

    personally I don’t have any good days since a while now. if i have to complain i would have a lot to say, but…. on the other hand , God gave me lots of things, such as a roof on my head to keep me warm, i have food, i have clothes that keep me from catching a cold , I have my parents to share my daily life with, I have friends to share my thoughts with and are willing to listen….. Yes some days are bad but that shouldn’t prevent us from being grateful for His goodness toward us.

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  3. I be grateful for all they mateys I met this year that I not be knowing last year – including me blog buddies. I also be celebratin’ what the season means – but mayhaps not what it has become.


  4. It’s a struggle at times for me to be thankful, because there are days where I struggle to be happy, but reading this post had reminded me of what my former therapist had taught me: being content, because it’s a fruitless chase to be happy all the time, but being present, counting the ways I’m lucky, and just being content with and accepting who I am and what I have makes healing easier.

    So, I’m thankful for my family getting together. I’m thankful for the many writing friends I have, and the many books stacked around me and the worlds they offer me. I’m thankful for a warm bed and a job that I love.

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    1. Hey there Ives! I understand what you mean, sometimes it’s really hard to be positive or thankful, especially when life gets hard. But it’s equally important to try hard anyway to be thankful even for the small things. Happy Thanksgiving, I hope that your day was a good one!


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