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The Best Advice I Ever Received

When I was younger, my mother gave me the best advice I have ever received and I have tried to stick to it all my life. Often times, when I was scared of asking a question, my mother would say:

“Ask anyway. The worst thing they can do is say no.”

Now, when my mother said this, she wasn’t talking about writing, or blogging, or publishing, or anything like that. And yet, her words of wisdom apply to almost everything I do in my writing career.

Am I scared of getting feedback? Of course, I am! People can be mean.

But I ask for outside opinions anyway.

The worst thing they can do is say they don’t like it (not everyone will).

Am I scared of submitting my work to publishing houses? Of course!

But I ask for their response anyway.

They worst they can say is “no thank you.”

Am I terrified of being shut down? You bet!

But I still put myself and my work out there.

Just because the publishing world is hard, and the writing world can be mean, I cannot be afraid to ask. I cannot be afraid to follow my dreams. The worst thing anyone can tell me is “no” and yes, that “no” may suck when I receive it. In fact, I know it does! I have received my fair share of rejection letters and criticism telling me “no,” I’m not good enough or “no,” I don’t deserve to be published. But guess what?

“No,” is just a word.

A no from one publisher (or more), a no from a reviewer (or more), is not the end! Accept their “no” and move on!  Don’t let the fear of hearing no, stop you from ever trying!

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What question or dream are you giving up because you’re afraid to hear “no”?

Happy Writing Everyone!


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23 thoughts on “The Best Advice I Ever Received”

  1. True!
    I’m often afraid to ask for help. ’cause I know that I won’t be helped the way I need. (except from mom of course 😊)

    But other than that mom tells me all the time “the one who doesn’t ask never receives”

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  2. Love this post! Yes, follow your dreams. The worst that can happen is that you tried and didn’t succeed. I’ve worked in my field for a few years now and plan to start my own business in the spring. It’s a risk and I’ll be quitting my salary job to do it but I’m still going for it. The worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work out. Then I just find another job. But not going for your dreams out of fear seems a lot worse thing to live with than trying and not succeeding! Wishing you well with your publishing journey! 📚 😊

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