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Happy Halloween

Black cats

A witch’s hat

Scary spooks

Whimsical flukes

Is this Halloween?

Frightening faces

Hidden places

Filled with dread

Of the risen dead

Is this Halloween?

Young smiles

That walk for miles

On tired feet

For buckets full of treats

Is this Halloween?

Hello Everyone and Happy Halloween!

I definitely do not enjoy the scary side of Halloween. I went to a small knock-off theme park for Halloween one year and I’m pretty sure I have been scarred by it ever since. I hate scary movies, but I love Halloween.

For me, Halloween is a time to dress up in our greatest fantasies. Little girls can be princesses and little boys can be zombies and for a couple of hours everyone else is forced to play along. We bow to our young princesses and pretend to be frightened of the zombies and these little ones LOVE it. They completely believe that we believe they are who they say they are. It’s a time filled with magic and fantasy and the suspension of reality.

That is why, every year, even if I am only passing out candy, I dress up! I play along! The thing is, as hopefully shown in the above poem, everyone views Halloween differently.

What about you? Do you enjoy Halloween and dress up along with the kids? Do you go out to Haunted Houses in the hopes of being terrified? Or do you shut your door and turn off the lights?

14 thoughts on “Happy Halloween”

  1. I do not enjoy horror movies, but I do love Halloween, especially now that I have kiddos. They have so much fun getting their costumes on and walking around the neighborhood. I love seeing what they decide to turn themselves into each year!

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  2. Happy (late) Halloween! I’m in the same boat as you—I love the dress-up aspect but I hate the scary part of Halloween. My boyfriend wanted to watch a scary movie last night and I just closed my eyes the whole time lol.

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