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College Tip: Use a Planner

Hello there college students!

Today, I am going to offer you some free and quality advice. BUY A PLANNER or learn to utilize your phone calendar (although I’m always going to push you to use a physical planner).

Let’s talk realistically, okay? At the beginning of every semester, you have “syllabus” day in your classes and you flip through the pages unconcerned and unfocused as your professor tries to discuss important class policies, assignments, and due dates. On some level, I completely understand: syllabus day can be boring! But guess, what? It’s still important and one way to “pay attention” during this class period is to buy a planner and start writing down assignment due dates.

At the end of almost every syllabus there is the course schedule that includes important dates that relate to tests, assignments, essays, midterms, and finals.

Instead of glancing at these once and then relying on professors or friends to remind you about these dates (which they probably won’t), use a planner. On syllabus day, open up your planner or your phone calendar and write down every date that something is due. If you’re doing this on your phone, you can even set an alarm 24 hours before the assignment is due (nifty, right?)

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If you do this for every class, especially if you do it on a physical planner, you will start to see the layout of your semester. Which weeks are the busiest? Which weeks are the lightest? Instead of arriving at the weekend, flipping through your crumpled up syllabus and trying to find the due-dates and then realizing you have five assignments due, utilize your planner! If you see this busy week coming up, you’ll know to spread out your work accordingly.

College is already hard, why make it harder?

~Your Friendly Online Professor


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6 thoughts on “College Tip: Use a Planner”

  1. Completely agree with this. You can do soft copy on your phone/ device however I’m old school and cannot live without my daily planner. Seems crazy but there are lots to remember and planning ahead could save you a lot of cramming!

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