Write (A Poem)


Come on, it’s not that hard

“Her eyes like the sun, scorching like Hell”

Not very good.



Come on, put something down

“His hands like velvet, choking me”

Not much better.


Come on, poets do this everyday

And yet,

When I try to write the words

I don’t know what to say


I could languish away

Never quenched by the poet’s water

Cascading, flowing, gushing, vomiting

Into a dry savannah


I could starve to death

Never satisfied by the poet’s love

The incandescent touch that

Grates and chafes



Write me something beautiful and revolting

Something appealing yet grotesque

Write, about anything.



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17 thoughts on “Write (A Poem)”

  1. You write to me
    I write to you
    Your thoughts say it all
    Words do fall
    Out of a crack in the wall
    Stand on the rubble tall
    Let the dust settle
    Light up the kettle
    Have a cuppa and a chat
    Light flows back, through the crack
    Writing is our world
    Words are our pearls

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