The Virtue of Submission


All eyes focus on


Her beauty

Her creations

Her talents

Yet Her eyes lift

To focus on

the One

who Created


The Seven Virtues were created to combat each of the Seven Deadly Sins. These Seven Virtues first appeared tied together in an epic poem titled Pschomachia, written by Aurelius Clemens Prudentius, a Christian governor of the 400s AD. To battle Pride, there is Humility.

Image result for humility art

Humility, or the act of being humble or even to humble oneself, is the act of looking outward instead of inward. Humility is not the dismissal of one’s self worth or talents but rather choosing not to boast, choosing to give thanks for the talents that they have.

Happy Writing Everyone!


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14 thoughts on “The Virtue of Submission”

  1. I love this. I already blogged about What Is Beauty? Because someone blogged a post about how others judge you based on looks. This is another blog I’m gonna post next. I always like to feed off of other peoples posts. And humility I am definitely blogging about. I will tag you.

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