The Agency Games

Publisher Response to The Agency Games

Hey Guys,

So last Wednesday I received the long-awaited email back from the editors. In May, they sent out my manuscript to two scholarly peer reviewers who then read and returned my manuscript with their feedback. The editors in turn reviewed their comments and reached out to me with their feedback (lots of feedback.) And, the results were mixed, leaving me a lot like this . . .

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One of the peer reviews absolutely LOVED my book and while they offered me some critiques on how to improve it, overall, they were quite happy with the manuscript.

The other peer reviewer did not like my book, at all, and offered more criticism than critique.

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So, where does that leave me and my book, The Agency Games?

Back at the keyboard!

Yup, criticism hurts, (A LOT) but ultimately, I am going to use it to improve both this book and my overall writing abilities. The editors have offered me a chance to revise and rewrite according to some of the critiques before they send it out to a third peer reviewer who will be a “tie-breaker” of sorts. I believe that this will (unfortunately) push back the publishing date, but I am determined to push forward. Hopefully this delay will ultimately be worth the improvement.

While this certainly did cause my confidence to take a pretty nasty blow, I am lucky to be surrounded by family and friends who encourage me that even J.K. Rowling was rejected numerous times.

Not everyone will love your work, but that does not mean that you stop writing. 

Did you know that even after J.K. Rowling was made a billionaire due to her Harry Potter series and considered one of the most accomplished authors in the world, she was rejected by a publishing house in 2013. Publishing under a pen name, J.K. Rowling was rejected and told that “a writers’ group or writing course may help” Galbraith (penname) to get constructive criticism of his debut crime novel.” (You can read the whole article here!)

I am grateful for the positive critique that I received, and while I did not necessary expect some of the criticism, I am going to use every comment to improve my work and reach my goal!

Happy Writing Everyone!

Have you been rejected? What was your response?

40 thoughts on “Publisher Response to The Agency Games”

  1. Yes Kaylannauthor I have been rejected by agents in my search for a traditional publisher. There comments were all positive and told me to keep pursuing an agent to have my book published. They all liked my manuscript the only problem was they told me was they could not take on any more authors at the present time. I ended up self publishing it like my first book.

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          1. Yes, you are correct with your view about self published and traditional published books. The cover is the most important part of either publishing effort. You have to hook the reader with this opening statement set before the readers eye’s !!

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              1. Yes, to stand out we as authors have to take any chance to succeed over others in good ways. I have a way for you and others to find Agents and send them Query Letters. Go on line and type in : Query Tracker and hit enter. You will see things that look different. Relax and a take a deep breath. It is a guide to find a book agent and how to write a query letter. I found some old notes and checked this out tonight. Share this with everyone who wants it kaylaanauthor !

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  2. KaylaAnn, I have no doubt your book will be everything it’s meant to be by the time it finishes.

    First step of my response is to try to figure out what kind of person did or didn’t like it. Then I go from there to see if I should care or not for their response. If I think I should care, I’ll have to take it with an open mind and let myself digest it for a while. But, ultimately, I’ll let myself take the choice whether to follow their criticism or not. Depending on how important the issue is, I might ask a trusted friend whose advice I would value for that specific type of circumstance.

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    1. Joey, firstly, thank you! I am so lucky to be blessed by incredible and supportive friends.
      Secondly, you are so correct. After the initial shock, that was my plan. To comb through, look past the criticism and work with what I could or should fix. Even though it might be hurtful, it could still help my book which I do want!

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  3. I haven’t sent anything out for publishing but I’ve been told to do so to get a feel for submissions and rejections. When the time comes and I submit a manuscript, I will use some of the negative responses to improve my work. The rest can be tossed out and forgotten. They have no place in any work I put my name to. You have a disappointing setback but the improvements you make for the third pass will pay off. Chin up…Rewrite…Get it Published.

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    1. Darnell, it’s a scary world that requires you to be vulnerable but it’s my world, and I’m willing to keep at it! It’s not a bad idea I start sending out finished work to journals or magazines.
      Thank you so much for the encouragement, I agree, use what I can and toss out the rest! Thank you friend!

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  4. Keep going, you’re almost at the finish line. I’m glad you’re looking at it from a positive perspective. And you’ve inspired me to keep going. Writing takes time to develop which means there are places inside me that I’ve not tapped into. So onto another adventure. I believe it will be an amazing result Kayla. Can’t wait to have the publish work in my hands. 🙏🏼

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    1. Oh Tiffany, thank you so much! Your support and encouragement means so much! I won’t lie, it’s been hard opening this manuscript back up but after all of these comments, I know I’m not alone! None of our in this writing process, not if we don’t want to be. Thank you for being a part of my journey!

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