16 thoughts on “Gestures”

  1. You know what this brought to my mind? The fact that we have all the social media we have, yet we are lonelier as a society than we ever have been. People just can’t be bothered anymore. It used to be you had to visit people , call them on the phone or sent a hand written letter or card if you wanted a relationship with them. Now people can’t be bothered. You are lucky to get a “Happy Birthday” on your facebook page now days…you certainly shouldn’t expect a visit, a call or a birthday card in the mail. Everything now is just fake, shallow and empty. Where have the real relationships gone?

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  2. I like this a lot, everything is presented in a light and playful form, but I feel that the context speaks of heavier issues. Best part for me is how you added physical separation and therefore emphasis on the final words, “living like this”. which for me is the way we live online, one word at a time. Love it!

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  3. I think that through your simple language, you have brought into light a problem that we all face, but we can’t do anything about it, because we’re all stuck in our own worlds. A huge thumbs up.

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