End of Summer Poetry Contest Update


I have to start off this post by saying how impressed I am by the quality of poems that have been submitted to the End of Summer Poetry Contest! You guys are really amazing!

Also, a huge thank you to everyone who has reblogged the poem, your extra points have been attributed and you have successfully brought in more participants which is what really makes this a fun and thriving contest! For those of you who have not reblogged, you still can to gain those extra +2 points. Also, please do not forget that you must be following my blog for your poem to be eligible to win. I’ve read a handful of really superb poems from bloggers who are not following and it would be a shame for your poem to be considered invalid.

All around guys, you are doing an amazing job! Even from the return poets who participated in the last poetry contest, I can tell that your work is improving and evolving as you are maturing in your writing.

Again, I’m really impressed! You are all brilliant!

It is going to be extremely difficult to pick a winner!

Image result for impressed gif

Speaking of a winner, don’t forget that I will be announcing the winner of the Poetry Contest first through my Facebook during the “All About Blogging” live event on September 3rd @4pm PST.

If you miss the live broadcast (I will be sad!) I will still announce the winner(s) on my blog the following day, September 4th at my usual time.

Happy Writing Everyone!

Keep those summer-themed poems coming!

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