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3 Steps in the Application Process You’ve (Probably) Overlooked

I know, this topic is a little different then what I normally offer tips on, but hang in there with me. Most authors cannot make a living off their work, most authors have to work second jobs to support their writing habits. In fact, I work two other jobs to support my daily writing habits. This is why I find it so important to offer “tips” on the job market.

There are 7.5+ billion people in the world today and more are being born every day.  While not all 7.5+ billion people are currently on the job hunt, we can assume that billions are.

So that means that when you apply for a job, you are not the only one. Indeed, you are a speck among millions. (It’s a bit humbling, don’t you think?) Imagine that you are the head of human resources and you have hundreds of applications in front of you. What is going to stick out to you? How are you going to pick the best person for the job? Yes, you could go through every resume individually, (and most will), but first things first, you (the head of human resources) will look at the application itself.

Fill Out the Application Properly

Whether or not you are filling out a physical application or an online application, there are things that you must consider.

  • Fill out Everything!
    • “But what if I am including a resume that states my work history? Do I really need to fill it out on the application?” -> YES! If they are asking for it, fill it out. Even if it seems redundant to you. You are trying to set yourself apart in a good way, not a bad way, right? So, follow the instructions down to the last period.
  • Write Nicely/Use Proper Grammar
    • This may seem self explanatory but just a reminder, use full sentences. If they asked you to tell them about your family. Don’t put: “Mother-Jane Doe, Father-John Doe, Brother-James Doe.” Write full sentences: “My parent’s names are John and Jane Doe. I also have a younger brother named James Doe.”
    • Use proper capitalization, especially if you are filling out an application online. Don’t write “james doe,” write “James Doe.” 
  • Check and Double-Check what attachments they are requesting
    • Often times, online applications will have spots where you can submit a Cover Letter or a Resume or References but they will not always require them. Since these items are not required, many people overlook them. Do not overlook them. If the online application has a spot for a Cover Letter or a Resume or References but does not require them, then you had better submit a Cover Letter, a Resume, and a Reference.



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15 thoughts on “3 Steps in the Application Process You’ve (Probably) Overlooked”

  1. I dream of a world where companies apply to you. Where they send in their resumes trying to convince you to work for them, because it is you they need, an employee that will improve their profits.
    When you sift through the resumes and it comes down to three employers, the bidding war begins where everyone wants to offer the higher salary and better benefits.
    But until then, I guess I’m stuck in retail. Makes for good story ideas, though.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Eugenia. It is definitely the first impression we are able to put out there before they ever even see our faces. If we don’t take the time to present a quality-filled application why should they waste any more time on us?

      Liked by 1 person

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