Publication (A Poem)

Pull up the screen.

Nothing to see.


Waiting for the inevitable

          “We are sorry to reject…”

Hoping for the unlikely

          “We are pleased to accept…”



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38 thoughts on “Publication (A Poem)”

      1. I totally understand. I battle anxiety and the waiting period was one of the reasons I chose to go ahead and self-publish. It just took some of the pressure off for me. It was the right move for me. But I totally remember agonizing over how long it took to hear something back, and then wondering what the result would be.

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          1. My book, Embrace the Storm: The Guardians of Bliss….the synopsis is on my homepage on my website. I started it when my first kiddo was little. It’s been kind of like therapy, lol. I’m working on the sequel now, and I have almost completed the first book in another series I started. So I’m making slow but steady progress. It felt good just to get the story off my computer! Now I am just working to try and get it some attention so hopefully one day I will be a bit more well known. Fingers crossed and all that!

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              1. Ask away, lol!
                It’s been a journey for sure! I went through Amazon, Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP). The hardest part was formatting my manuscript so it would flow right in both ebook and paperback form.
                Sales have been small, but consistent. The hardest part of self-publishing is the self-marketing… So I have been practicing being consistent in trying to reach new people over different platforms. And I am making progress. I won’t be an overnight success, but I feel confident that I will indeed succeed. And as a bonus, my story stays my story. One of my biggest concerns from reading other authors’ publishing journeys was having to let someone pick my story apart and cut things out. I’m all for good editing, but I want my characters and their stories to stay pure…I don’t know if that makes sense…that’s the best way I know how to describe it, lol!

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                1. Thank you!
                  It completely makes sense to me! Even if I go the traditional publishing route I want to make sure my characters stay genuine and authentic!
                  Oh so you can do paperback through KDP? Does it cost much? Or do they just take part of the sale for the paperback?
                  Whether we do traditional or self, I’m sure we will always have to self-promote or do the foot work ourselves!

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                  1. Yes, paperback is an option as well. The figure out what the printing cost would be based on the length of your book, and if you choose specialized paper, cover, or whatnot. That is deducted from the royalties. Which, considering you can make up to 70% on royalties, really isn’t too bad. And so it is printed on demand rather than you having to shell out money to print books you aren’t even sure will be purchased. It’s a pretty good deal.
                    What kind of book are you working to get published?

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                    1. Oh I see. That does seem like the best option out there.
                      Currently my nonfiction analysis of the Hunger Games series is being published through a traditional house but I’m considering my options with my fictional children’s and YA series.

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                    2. Oh! Hunger Games! I love that series! I homeschool my three girls and we just finished reading that series together! I couldn’t wait to share it with them. I look forward to reading your book.
                      Are you working on something specific for YA/children’s or just playing around with some ideas? Teen/YA is my favorite.

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                    3. It is such an incredible series! It’s got depth that many YA novels touch on but don’t truly expand upon. I hope you enjoy it, if you would like, I have a sign-up post on the front page of my blog. If you drop your name in the comments, I’ll know you are interested in my contacting you once it’s published.
                      I’ve got a children’s story that revolves around conservation knowledge and efforts. I’ve also got a YA fiction that I’ve been working on for ages about parallel universes.

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                    4. Yes! I’ll go check the sign up!
                      Parallel universes sounds intriguing! I love the YA genre… I think because my inner child stopped growing in my teens, lol. My characters always come to me as teenagers. It’s weird how we are kind of wired to write what we write. Like it’s just there looking for an outlet…

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  1. While I was waiting to hear back from a publisher, I would text my dear friend things like Day 7: parched. Day 12: Still can’t find a water supply. Haha reminded me of Oregon Trail or something or that nature. 😂

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