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Overcoming Writer’s Block – “Sickness” (2)

As noted in the introductory blog, “5 Reasons Behind Writer’s Block,” there are several reasons why writers are often prevented from writing. The six primary reasons include:

  • Lack of Time to Write
  • Sickness
  • Work
  • Lack of Creativity
  • Home Responsibilities
  • ***Fear*** (Added due to comments on original post)

The first step to overcoming Writer’s Block comes from the need to discover why the writer is blocked in the first place. Once you have establish the why you can work on how to move forward.

Sickness = Read, Watch, and Rest

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We ALL get sick from time to time, there is no way to avoid it. When we get sick, we either have the strength to sit at our computers and take the time-off of work to write or we don’t. Sometimes the best thing you can do is turn over like Cinderella and go back to bed. We are not terminators, we are not superheroes, we are human and sometimes, we have to let writer’s block win (momentarily that is). However, even in our sickness, we can prep for when we are healthy again!

So, if you are sick:

  • Put on a nice, comfy jacket, get a hot cup of tea, snuggle up on the couch and either binge watch a show you love or (even better) read a series of books that you love!
  • Keep your brain active by either watching or reading a show or book that inspires you. Something that makes you think, “I want to write something like that! Something that will entertain someone else when they’re sick.”

If you can’t write, then read; if you can’t read, then watch.

Continue to inspire yourself even in your sickness so that when you get well, you are ready to write again!

Happy Writing!


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10 thoughts on “Overcoming Writer’s Block – “Sickness” (2)”

  1. Let’s not forget audio books! They are great when commuting and even better when sick. While resting, you can let the narrator take you on a wonderful fantasy journey, filling your mind with writing ideas.

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  2. Ugh, I hate those times when I’m so sick I can’t even hold my head up without the room spinning. Thankfully, those times are few and far between. Depression can also rear its ugly head at times, making it difficult-if not impossible–to write effectively. 😦

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    1. I’ve been there myself Michael, no fun with the sickness and dizziness!
      While I am lucky to have never struggled with severe depression, I have friends that have and you’re right, it’s darn near impossible to do anything effectively when you are in the throes of depression. Thankfully, we can always count on the “better days”

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  3. Sickness doesn’t help a writer project happy and clear thoughts. For me, it’s best to read. The writing will eventually come. Also, worrying about writer’s block makes it even worse.

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    1. Very true Eugenia! It’s kind of like that mosquito bite-don’t itch conundrum. The more you think about the bite the worse you want to scratch. Likewise the more you think about writer’s block the less likely you are to write! I find it best to read as well /)

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