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Writing Tip: Managing Expectations

As some of you may know, I am engaged and in the process of planning a wedding! In that process, my fiance and I are also undergoing pre-marriage counseling (which has been a lot of fun as well as insightful). Did you know that recently it has been announced that what kills marriages faster than anything else is unmet expectations?

Now, my blog is not about marriage, however, I could not help thinking how this applies directly to our writing. How often to we come up with grandiose ideas for our novels that will sell a billion copies and make us millions of dollars? Ever catch yourself day dreaming about which actors and actresses would star in your film once that adapt your book into movie formatting? (No one, just me? Anyhoo . . .)

The point is, in our writing too we must manage our expectations. 

Writing is hard and making a break through in the industry is even harder, some might say that it is nearly impossible. So I am encouraging you to “make resolutions” (without the need for a New Year) and to set goals for your writing, but in doing so, make them realistic!

  • Set yourself real goals that you truly can accomplish!
    • Here are some examples:
      • Write Every Day (even if it’s just for 5 minutes)
      • Try to hit a word count every day (even if it’s 20 words).
      • Try to finish as much as that book as possible (even if it’s not the whole thing.)
      • Send out queries to multiple publication houses (but don’t stop writing, waiting to hear back)
  • Don’t give yourself unrealistic expectations.
    • Here are some examples:
      • Starting and Finishing that new idea for a book and having it picked up within the year (yes it can happen, but it doesn’t often)
      • Becoming a millionaire with your first book (Suzanne Collins wrote amazing books for YEARS and was not known until her latest series).

Be kind to yourself and be honest with your writing. Expect that some days will be more productive than others and set realistic expectations so that you do not cause unnecessary hardship.

Happy Writing Everyone!

***If you enjoyed today’s tip, be sure to check out more under the “Writing Tip” tab on my main menu. Have any questions about writing? Feel free to ask in the comment section!

Derek Harvey has a great article expectations in marriage if any of you are interested in reading the article.



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13 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Managing Expectations”

  1. Your post really resonates with me.

    I originally started by setting myself the goal of publishing an article everyday. This combined with a day job was impossible.

    I have changed it to twice a week. This is much more realistic and I feel so much better about my writing.

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  2. Sound advice, KaylaAnn. I never cease to be amused by people who think that published writers make “tons” of money. A good friend once remarked that I had made a good living from writing books. When I told him, “Yeah, I’ve probably averaged two cents an hour,” he laughed, shook his head and told me what a jokester I was. I let him go his merry way in ignorance.
    I have made a chunk of change from my very first book which has remained in print for twenty-eight years (by a major publisher). If all my subsequent books had done as well I’d be one happy writer/camper. Looking forward to your next writing tip! 🙂

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    1. Right? Even with my knowledge, I am still reminded daily that there are “successful” writers out there that cannot live off of their books. Success for writers is measured differently than other successful careers. Quite the story, I am sure it is one I will echo in the future!
      Your books did sound interesting. Hopefully, I can get an Amazon giftcard soon so I can splurge on new books (like yours) and write more reviews.
      Thanks for stopping by! 😀


  3. Great post! I also think it helps to focus your expectations on what you can control, like writing every day or for a certain amount of time. Other things like getting published and becoming a best seller are mostly out of your control, but you can control on how you work to get there. And that requires knowing yourself and your limits, and setting your expectations just high enough that you’re making progress and surprising yourself.

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