My Muse or My Block

She sits next to me

Gently encouraging the stroke of my pen

Her hand on mine

We trace, create, a world of our own

_____He hovers over me

_____His breath leaking into, blurring my mind

_____His hands form a barrier

_____We destroy, hesitate, doubt our abilities


You would never tell

Never see

The truth hidden in plain sight

_____She and He

_____My Muse and my Block


_____In one body: My Own.


***This whimsical poem was inspired by a conversation that I had with E. Michael Helms, Mrs. M, and Diana on last weeks “Not Him Again…” post. In our discussions we considered the relationship between our Writing Muse and Writer’s Block. I hypothesized that they were the same person or perhaps brother and sister. Today, I think I’ve found the answer, they are the same person and that person is YOU.***


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34 thoughts on “My Muse or My Block”

  1. Wonderfully written, Kayla Ann. Maybe you’re right. Maybe that muse and block are indeed one indecisive person who doesn’t know what to do with herself.

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      1. Your poem inspired me to write! I had such a hard time sitting down this week to work on another poem, but it turns out this poem served as today’s muse. Thanks, KaylaAnn! I guess we really are in charge. 🙈😂😘

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