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Yup, I have it to.

I doubt my abilities to succeed. You want to know why?

Because what we are doing is HARD! It is hard to create a habit, whether that is eating correctly or going to the gym or forcing yourself to write. Every. Single. Day.

It is hard to promote our own work, our own creativity, in a world that ignores, criticizes, and insults.

It is hard to be an artist, to see the beauty where others only see the ugliness.

It is hard to be authentic when the world keeps telling us to conform.

It is hard to persevere when the world tells us that we will never succeed.

So yes, I have my own moments of doubt.

But guess what?

We don’t have to let those moments of self-doubt destroy our dreams! I finished my rough draft! The rough draft of a book that two years ago I never thought I would be writing. I got a publishing deal, something that I was told was “never likely to happen.” And guess what, maybe it won’t make me famous, maybe it won’t make me money, maybe it won’t sell as much as I’d like but that doesn’t matter.

I wrote a book. An entire book.

I got a contract, from a publishing company.

I wanted to become an author.

The world said I couldn’t, but I did.

And so can YOU.

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