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Four Great Ways to Market Your Work

You’ve got your book. It is beautiful and sparkling!

But what now?

How can you promote it and get people to read it?? Whether you are self-publishing or going through a traditional publication house, you are going to need to promote yourself and your own work.

Some of the ideas below are mine and some belong to others that I have picked up along the way, but I am combining them below for your reading pleasure and hopefully they will help you like they have helped me!

  1. Social Media
    1. I know you are probably rolling your eyes right now and saying “well, duh!” but don’t underestimate your social status and don’t just post: “Here’s my book!” Give us reasons WHY we should want to read your book. What will it do for us? Think about how books have been marketed to you. What made you stop and think, yea I want to read that!
  2. Book Promotion Sites
    1. Here is one site that offers a couple of different options
      1. http://www.paidauthor.com/best-ebook-promotion-sites/
  3. Personal Touch
    1. Swap Meets/Farmer Markets/Small Bookstores/Book Signings
      1. Set up a booth, say hello, shake some hands
      2. Offer to do a book reading and signing at local book stores
      3. Don’t forget, people are more likely to buy your book if they meet you and like you instead of seeing an ad on a screen. So get out there and give it your personal touch!
  4. Friends and Family
    1. There is nothing wrong with asking your friends and family to read and leave reviews on your book, but don’t be too surprised if they don’t all respond. Family and friends can be a great support system, but not always great readers.

These are just some ideas that I’ve come across. How do YOU promote your book? Have you had success with any of the above? Do you prefer the social or personal approaches?

Have you done something different? Be sure to like and comment in the section below.


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20 thoughts on “Four Great Ways to Market Your Work”

      1. Yes. Social Media. I have a Facebook Page, named Ragazza Triste as well. Ha ha. But it has less followers than my WordPress Page, I mean, it;s hard to be different in FB, people doesn’t really wanna read, they have time to read about drama and gossips, but isn’t interested in any of my poems. Too bad, you know. 🙂

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      1. Think of it as Live Streaming without the video. Periscope has video, Anchor has audio. (Like Radio) Periscope has hearts for appreciation, Anchor has hand clapping (remember no video) They have background music if you choose to use during your broadcast. You can have people call in to talk with you if you desire. How to’s are of course on YouTube.

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