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Requesting Feedback from Followers

Between the months of May – August, I am considering hiring myself out as a Blogging Mentor or a Writing Coach.

As my book will be in the publisher’s hands and I won’t be teaching during the summer, I will have very little to do except twiddle my fingers (and plan a wedding of course, ha!). If you know me at all, you know I want to be productive!

So I am consider working as a Blogging Mentor or a Writing Coach, but I’m trying to determine if the interest is really there or not. Here is a brief summary of what each is:

A Blogging Mentor – “Reaching 1,000 Followers in 6 Months”

  • Primarily directed at first-time bloggers or for those with under 150 followers. For a one time payment of $25, I will come alongside a first time blogger and
    • Help them set-up their blogging website (appearance)
    • Help categorize their menu bar and ease of navigation (Organization
    • Direct them in Necessary Blog pages (About Me, Contact, Etc.)
    • Help them discover their blog identity
    • Give them one-on-one advice on how to increase their blogging potential
    • Offer tips and tricks on how to garner followers
    • Be available for questions and concerns in the following weeks of setting up their blog


A Writing Coach – “Writing a Book Publishers Want to Sell”

  • Directed toward all aspiring writers of fiction, non-fiction, etc.
    • As a personal writing coach, I will become your go-to BETA reader.
    • We will explore the ins-and-outs of your book, expanding and improving where necessary
    • We will decide and stick to writing goals
    • While I am not an Editing Coach, I will be able to help with re-occuring grammar issues that distract from the novel
    • Offer Personal encouragement and advice
    • Tips and Tricks on how to speak to publishing houses
    • Cost depends on word count at approximately $.07cents per word (a 75,000 word novel would cost approximately $5,000)
    • Authors do not have to do the whole book, they can try one chapter and see if my feedback is useful! (A 1,000 word chapter would be approx. $70)
    • I would offer different packages.


These are the two positions I am considering offering over the summer months. What do you guys think? Are the prices reasonable for my expertise? Would anyone be interested?

38 thoughts on “Requesting Feedback from Followers”

  1. Hey there! I’m a young blogger with not much audience yet but I just published a new post and would appreciate some feedback!

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  2. i think these are super resonable. i’d really like to get my blog at 1,000 followers. I feel like I have a strong sense of identity, and I don’t have a lot of trouble desiging my blog, and I have 240 followers (that took me 3 months to build). I’d be interested i just don’t know if the course is for me.

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      1. No worries I should’ve thought of that! When I get on my computer I’ll click the link. For some reason when I click links in my WP app it always crashes or gets odd on me.

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  3. I will pay the 25.00 this week if you would read my page and follow me and help support an upcoming Author (myself.) I will be going through more of your content as well, but I could use help promoting more on WordPress and of course buying the best subscription to reach my goals. I think it is really great what you’re doing on here and giving back to people and helping at a low cost! I truly wish you all the best success and look forward to working with you!

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    1. Hi there Zachary! Please feel free to email me through my contact page. In your email please include the following: a link to your blog, how long you have been blogging, and what your blog is about. I’ll be happy to discuss this further!


  4. I definitely think the price is reasonable. I’m basically a blogger, a little green maybe, but I’ve been blogging for about 7 months. I also write the occasional poem. My goal is to edit or proofread because I think that there is a little money in that, and,.I need something to help supplement our income rather quickly. With that said, I still could use to build my followers and better writing skills. Once I’m settled in my temporary new rental, I will check with your availability!

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