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What WordPress Plan Do You Use?

Hey Everyone!

So I have been looking at the WordPress plans: Personal, Premium, and Business. I like the idea of owning my own domain, but beyond that I’m not really sure how to judge these individualized plans.

I’m curious, what WordPress plan do you use?

Hit me up in the comments!

Which plan do you use?

What are its pros? What are its cons?

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Thank you in advance!

63 thoughts on “What WordPress Plan Do You Use?”

  1. I have my own domain for both of my blogs, which I started them out that way.

    BrewNSpew is on the Premium Plan and ThusNSuch is on the Business Plan. I use the same theme for both blogs – Gridiculous-Pro, which I love its flexibility. I like to tinker with and change both blogs frequently because it’s enjoyable for me.

    I like the Business Plan because of the plugins but found I there is not the feature for reblogs. After much discussion with WordPress, I kept BrewNSpew on the Premium Plan because of the reblog feature and put ThusNSuch on the Business Plan.

    I have found the WP techs to be very helpful.

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