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College, Writing, & Blogging Tip: Where is your significance?

Hey Everyone!

Today’s tip is a short one, and really, I hope it is more thought-provoking than answer-providing.

When you start to write, what is your significance? Not sure what I’m asking. Let me make it simple. Let me ask you this.


“Why what, Kayla?” You might be asking.

Why do write? Why are you writing about your particular topic? In other words, where is your significance?

Now yes, of course, you can just write for fun! Many of us do, but writing is almost-always better when you have a purpose. So consider asking yourself this:

  • What is my purpose for writing this piece? Is it simply to entertain others? And if it is, how am I entertaining? It is meant to move others, to cause a particular reaction? Or is it more about me? Is it a way for me to release my own emotions, to confront my own demons? Every piece of writing is different and so every piece of writing will have a different purpose.
  • A blog post, a piece of fiction, and an essay are all written for various reasons with different expected outcomes. Make sure that you take the time to decide your “why” before you write!

I would love to hear back from you in the comments! Where is your significance when you write? Do you think that there has to be one?

Happy Writing Everyone!


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36 thoughts on “College, Writing, & Blogging Tip: Where is your significance?”

  1. Hi Kayla, your point is definitely one to think about. I’m still quite new and just write my stuff. I do write a ‘reason’ for the poem so the reader has a sense of where I’m coming from. If you have the time more than happy for any advice you may have 🙂

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  2. When I first started writing, my poetry and stories didn’t really have much of a purpose other than I had a need to write them down. I think publishing stories in books does motivate me to illustrate my writing and set it up in a much nicer way but I don’t know if it has impacted my content that much.

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