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Writing Tip: Brainstorming

The really awesome thing about blogs is that they are constantly growing and hopefully the audience (Followers) are also growing. When I first posted this tip, I had under 50 followers, so I’m reblogging in hopes of sharing with my new followers.

0C5B8D3C-E138-415E-AB35-5B7C517FE35C.jpeg Brainstorming shouldn’t feel like a lightening bolt to the brain, frying all circuits and leaving you with nothing. There are so many different ways successfully brainstorm so Let’s just talk about a few.

So you’ve got an idea, right? You’re stoked and ready to start writing about this awesome world, or character, or storyline. Only problem is, that’s all you’ve got: a single idea.

So what now?

My advice is to start brainstorming! Which, let’s be honest, when we are trying to come up with these ideas, it really can feel like a storm is brewing in our minds. One way to brainstorm is to ask yourself questions.

If you’ve thought about an awesome world, but lack a story, ask yourself questions like this:

  • What kind of humans/creatures inhabit this world?
  • Where has something gone wrong?
  • Who or what caused something to go wrong?
  • How can it be fixed? Can it be fixed at all?
  • What are key characteristics of this world that will impact your characters?

If you’ve thought about an awesome character, but lack a story, ask yourself questions like this:

  • What does your character want out of life? (We all have ambitions right)
  • Who is your character? (I don’t mean name or description, but who are they as a person? Introverted, extroverted, arrogant, brave, intelligent, cunning, snarky, ruthless? What is their main character trait and why? How do they portray it?
  • What gets in the way of your character accomplishing their goal?
  • (Consider Bilbo Baggins, all he wants is to remain at home and be happy. He’s an introverted character who avoids others and he keeps getting prevented from accomplishing his goal by a wizard and dwarves)

If you’ve got a scene in mind and that’s it, WRITE IT OUT. Then ask

  • How did my characters get here?
  • Where do they go from here?
  • Why are they here at all?

Of course this post is not exhaustive but hopefully it is a helpful suggestion with some ways to brainstorm while writing.

Happy Writing Everybody!

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27 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Brainstorming”

  1. The storm in my head has passed and now there is nothing but sun and a gentle wind. Everything is calm and well, but I want a storm. I need a storm for me to mull things over. I need excitement and the unexpected, but nothing is coming my way. 😦

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  2. Nice! I think questions are particularly helpful, because they always prompt an answer from you. They’re not just a “describe this and this” which can leave you stumped!

    Also, I want to share my #1 brainstorming tip, one which I learnt in nursing school way back when, and which has served me well since: when you start having ideas and write them down, ALWAYS write down EVERY idea. Let go of every shred of censure and let them all out! Even the most stupid and banal ones. 🙂 No, actually, ESPECIALLY the stupid and banal ones. 😀

    Thanks for the (re)post, Kayla! 🙂

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  3. Such a helpful, detailed, but not exhausting list!! It cures the “writing block” of brainstorming without creating its own headache haha, I will definitely be coming back to this–again and again! 🙂 Thanks Kayla!!

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  4. Great advice! We all have to have faith that our ideas will come into fruition. Sometimes we just have to ask the right questions. 🙂

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