ParaInsomnia (A Poem)

There is too much air in my chest

And not enough in my lungs

I stumble, reset, refocus

There are faces in the dark

With wisps of smoke for hands

That reach for me

My mouth opens to scream

And scream and scream but

No one hears a thing

I stumble to find the switch

For light that floods the room

Stumble, reset, refocus


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25 thoughts on “ParaInsomnia (A Poem)”

  1. KaylaAnn…a question…how did you do to copyright your work through wordpress? Please, I need to copyright my writings since I made a 360 change to my blog page and now I want to copyright or protect my saga story writing….I would greatly appreciate your help

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  2. This is a very scary experience that you’ve written quite excellently, KaylaAnn. I experienced it once, and I was so afraid, I thought I was going to die.

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