The Agency Games

Wanna Play a Game?

In my upcoming book, The Agency Games (working title), I am analyzing human agency within The Hunger Games trilogy. However, in one of my chapters I am pulling in some outside material from other young adult dystopian stories such as The Maze Runner and Divergent. In particular, I will be incorporating some dialogue from and analysis of Ender’s Game.

While Ender’s Game is technically well-known as a science-fiction, it also fits within the genre of young adult dystopia with its six-year old main protagonist, Ender.


Have you ever wondered why parents and adult figures are so lacking within young adult dystopia literature? Is there a point to their absence beyond shining light on the protagonist? And why is this absence so prevalent in today’s stories?

I will be addressing these questions and more in my book so be sure to keep following for updates if you want to be made aware of release parties and early access to the book in 2019!

Happy Writing Everyone!

What is your favorite book out of the series/books I listed above?

23 thoughts on “Wanna Play a Game?”

  1. I enjoyed The Hunger Games. Divergent was too generic for my taste and Maze Runner raised more questions than answers. Is your book looking at YA dystopias?

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    1. Maze Runner is definitely more understandable after reading the prequel and even then, there’s a lot missing.
      Yes it is! Specifically it’s taking a close look at familiar Hunger Games characters like Katniss, Gale, Peeta, Haymitch, etc., and investigating how they exercise agency!

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  2. I haven’t really seen any of these movies or read the books that they were adapted from, only bits and pieces. One dystopian series that I really like is The Giver by Lois Lowry. I love dystopian stories, but haven’t another series that I really like yet.

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