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Writing Tip: Allow Your Book to Evolve Naturally

When writing your book just know that your book WILL change.

Perhaps not a ton, perhaps only a little, or perhaps it will be a completely different book than the one you intended on writing in the first place.

This isn’t a bad thing though. As you write, your ideas will grow and form. You might realize that what sounded like a great idea before doesn’t really work well in application. You may be hit with a sudden inspiration to go a different direction.

My advice?

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But in all seriousness, go for it! If you feel your book changing, you need to allow it. If you stick too tightly to your original plan, your writing will come out forced and it will sound that way to your readers. Take the new path and see where the new ideas lead you. If you hate them you can always go back and try again.

In other words, planning and outlining your book is important. But it is also just as important to allow your book to change and evolve as you write.

Just this week I was working on my chapter on Gale Hawthorne. I have been struggling with this character for awhile. However, as I was writing, I had new ideas come to my mind and realized that those ideas were more interesting for readers than my original. It meant immediately changing gears, but my book will be better for it!

Happy Writing Everyone!

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38 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Allow Your Book to Evolve Naturally”

  1. I agree, KaylaAnn. When I was writing “Tribute” I had so many change of plans even when I was writing the last chapter. I do find that wanting too many things in one book can be too chaotic, so sticking a bit to an outline is a good idea too. You don’t have to stick completely with it, but perhaps add a bit of your new ideas to your original outline.

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    1. Hey Carly!
      Great question! It’s one that I too struggle with in my own time. Perhaps try dissecting your story and finding the scenes that move the quickest, then take them out, put them on a separate word document and try looking at the same scene from different character perspectives. Of course, you won’t want to write all these perspectives but it might help you see the scene in new ways. Also, add in smaller conflicts between bigger conflicts.

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  2. I love the idea of different perspectives of a the same event. Would you suggest including a new chapter for the different perspective? Sometimes I see authors add the characters name for the chapter name. Also love the idea of smaller conflicts admist bigger conflicts. That’s hard for me. Let’s say the big conflict is (I am making this up) he didn’t make the big leagues. The smaller conflict could be he was sick during an important practice game. Is that what you mean?

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    1. It depends, if you add in a chapter with a different perspective that is something you should be doing consistently throughout the novel not just once or twice.
      And yea, like that, life isn’t easy so don’t let it be easy for your characters either!

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