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Tea Time – Won’t You Join Me?

You all probably know this already, but my WordPress tag is “KaylaAnn:
Write, Drink Tea, Live Life, Repeat”

For those of you who follow my Instagram page you are probably already aware that  I LOVE tea. For those of you who don’t follow my Instagram I thought I would just share a couple of my favorite tea cups/mugs with you!

Love my ceramic mug that fades from gray to white

“Cultivate Kindness!” It’s a good reminder with which to begin my day!
I don’t know why, but I adore old diner metal kettles and mugs

My Valentine’s Day mug! I really should get a mug for every holiday….
The world can be crazy at times and it can be more than I can handle. That’s when I pull out this mug. “Trust in the Lord with all your Heart.”

I probably use this mug more than I should. “I can’t adult today,” but I do it anyway 😀
Who doesn’t need a little Disney now and then?

Never underestimate a good cup of tea!

Image result for writers quotes about tea

Which tea cup is your favorite?

Happy Writing Everyone! Now go brew some tea!

27 thoughts on “Tea Time – Won’t You Join Me?”

  1. I was just thinking about wanting a nice cup of tea. My favorite tea mug is a white colored one with black stripes at the top. It’s not heavy and big, but the right size. I have to say my favorite tea is jasmine. It’s so fragrant.

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  2. Hooray to another tea aficionado! I have more tea in my home than anyone I know, in case there are catastrophic worldwide tea shortages.
    I do like your ceramic mug… excuse me, off to make a cuppa now 🙂

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      1. Yes, haha c’mon over for a cuppa lovely lady! ☕️

        When I was in Paris at Xmas, I bought the most divine tea … Løv Organic. Incredibly delicious herbal infusions with names like “Løv is Zen” and “Løvely Night”. When I run out I’ll try to find some in Nth America. Do you have any favourites?

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