The Agency Games

Cinna: Friend or Foe?

Sweet Cinna, beloved by so many…

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“I’m sorry that this happened to you but I’m here to help you in any way that I can.”

But are you really sorry, Cinna? Do you really want to help Katniss? Or are you simply using her to form a figurehead for the rebellion?

Did you know that several scholars claim that Cinna manipulates Katniss for the rebellion just as much as other stylist manipulate their tributes for the Capitol?

After all, he constantly pushes the Mockingjay aspect of her wardrobe, he creates the rebel image.

And yet . . .

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He seems so supportive of Katniss! And Katniss truly loves him and sees him as one of her only true friends. He protects her and strengthens her with his design choices.

In my book, The Agency Games (working title), I will explore the relationship between Cinna and Katniss and decide once and for all if Cinna is friend or foe!

What do you think about Cinna? Was he helping Katniss or was he simply using her as the face of the rebellion? Leave your comments below!

16 thoughts on “Cinna: Friend or Foe?”

  1. Such an interesting thing to ponder over!
    Well, I believe that Cinna was one of the people who were not quite impressed by the phenomenon behind the hunger games. I feel like he knew he couldn’t himself outrightly start a rebellion but, Katniss could. So yeah, I think he wasn’t a foe but, he could probably find hope in Katniss.

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    1. Meher, what a great comment! I would definitely agree that he was much more aware of the evil that existed behind the Games, unlike the other Capitol citizens. And perhaps he did find hope in Katniss for societal change.

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  2. I think perhaps it was both…he believed in the cause and he believed in her. He inspired her to believe in herself.
    Also if he was only interested in her sparking the revolution, he wouldn’t have cared as much whether she lived to lead or died a martyr for the cause. But he planned ahead for her mockingjay outfit believing she would live. And he didn’t want her pressured to be someone she didn’t want to be which is why he had it kept a secret until she agreed on her own. That speaks of a personal interest to me.
    I like his character. Silently rooting her on and enabling her from the sidelines. The way he hugged her and the care he put into her designs…I think he genuinely cared. 😊

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