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Is WordPress Restricting Your Publishing Options?

A good friend TShaw and I had a great conversation the other day about whether or not posting poems online was a good idea.

I was encouraging her to share some of her amazing poetry but she was concerned that if she posted them online they would be technically “published.” If they were already published, she would be unable to send them to traditional journals and publishing houses.

I had not come across this issue before and so I decided I needed to research it. Here’s what I found and I think you will be interested in the answer as well!

What Is Considered Previously Published Writing?




24 thoughts on “Is WordPress Restricting Your Publishing Options?”

    1. Thank you Michael! I thought so as well, it’s definitely something that is good to know!
      I seriously appreciate your reminders. I’m working on outline a chapter today, so we’ll see how far the word count gets ha!

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  1. When you write a book, you need to be sure the content is baked fresh to hit the target and protect yourself from digital scam. In a blog, you can post content freely to share.

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  2. I’m with your friend–best to err on the side of caution and don’t publish anything on a blog that you might want to send to a journal or magazine. I wait until I have something published before posting excerpts on my blog. As for getting feedback on works in progress, you just need to make sure it’s a private forum. For years, I’ve been a member of a group on the Zoetrope site. It’s great for receiving feedback but it’s not considered published because it’s private. Good post!

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  3. Good questions I hadn’t thought of. All my poems are older pieces that need documentation. I always kind of felt that if it’s online it’s published, that’s one of the best feelings is feeling like you published something and seeing your work in text format. So any poem I want to publish I don’t share anywhere!

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