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Pray for Stoneman Douglas High School

The phone beeps

A message flashes

“At least 17 Dead”

That feeling in your gut

It isn’t going to go away

It happened in a different state

In a different school

But still

It hurts.

Regardless of gun laws

Or anti-bullying campaigns

Evil Exists

And all we can do is


and Prepare

and Comfort the Survivors


I don’t know about you guys, but I’m so tired of hearing of the ever-increasing school shootings. They break my heart. And I don’t want to have another debate on who’s fault it is and whether or not gun laws work and how bullying is a problem because these arguments only breed more hatred and hurt. So, please, don’t use this post to argue with one another. Instead, please just remember to love one another, to show kindness however you can, and acknowledge that every day is a gift.

I believe in God, and while He allows evil to exist, He does not cause it. You can read here how God responds to evil.

17 thoughts on “Pray for Stoneman Douglas High School”

      1. 💛 Susan and I worry about this. Our son and his wife graduate from Lewis & Clark State College in Idaho this June and will be teachers. There are just no safe places in our world anymore. 😢

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        1. I too understand your worry. As a teacher myself, these stories hit me hard, but giving in to fear only let’s evil win. So I’ll continue to teach, to watch out for my kids in any way that I can.


  1. Too difficult to swallow…The high schools and colleges of the nation are targeted violently. God is sovereign and prayer is the one and only answer and weapon to defeat this wave of hatred. Students are vulnerable…they need the Gospel

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      1. Well, I think it will go away if faith and measures are taken. The Church of Christ is the only solution to this threat.


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