Contest Time Once Again: Flash Fiction

That’s right, you heard me! I am hosting a third contest through my blog!

In October 2017, I hosted a Poetry Contest that was not only a success but also a ton of fun! I got to meet amazing poets from around the globe and enjoy their work. In December 2017, I held a Blogmas Contest that really encouraged bloggers to interact with one another.

Now, I am hoping to connect with some writers (poets or no; new or old followers) who are ready to write some Flash Fiction!

What is flash fiction? It is a story told in 100 words or less. Some of the most poignant stories can also be the shortest. One of the most famous works attributed to Hemingway is a six-word short story:

“For sale: baby shoes, never worn.”

Doesn’t that just send chills up your spine?

Here is a sample of my flash fiction.

“Unexpected phone calls carry the brevity of life.”

Your story does not have to be that short (although it can be), but it does need to be under 100 words. Anything over 100 words is automatically disqualified.


  • To be eligible for this competition you must be subscribed to my blog (i.e. following and receiving emails.) Not subscribed yet? No worries! Go to my home screen and click FOLLOW (I’ll receive a notification when you do :D)
  • Leave your flash fiction submission in the comment section.
  • I will be using a point system to chose the winner (this one is similar to the poetry contest system but it is a bit different):
    • You will receive 5 points automatically for subscribing (everyone must subscribe to be eligible)
    • You will receive another 2 points for sharing the contest on your your own blog and linking back (apparently WordPress removed the reblog button and replaced it with “Press This”)
    • Your flash fiction will be rated on a 1-10 scale based on creativity, structure, content, theme, and overall awesomeness.
    • Technically someone can still win without sharing my contest, but sharing would provide additional points for any submissions that are tied.
    • You can only submit one flash fiction per blogger.
  • Last date for submissions is March 16th!


  • The WINNER of this Flash Fiction contest will receive:
    • Their flash fiction and their blog/bio will be featured on my site. This will be a great chance for you to get some publicity on another blogger’s site.
    • It will also include a short author interview!

I can only hope that this contest will be as successful as the last. I am anxiously awaiting your amazing submissions. Good luck!

Happy Writing Everyone!


143 thoughts on “Contest Time Once Again: Flash Fiction”

  1. Here is my contribution! Thank you for the opportunity.

    You are hardly larger than a gall stone. My husband, the doctor, said gall stones are the worst kind of pain, worse than labor; but when mine passed, it hurt less than you did.

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  2. I have just come across this and I love flash fiction so I thought I would share – hope you like it

    He sat at the table, a broken brooding man, felt cap pulled low over his eyes, dirt bag at his feet. He did not look up, he acknowledged no one but every time the door opened he tensed and you knew he was waiting for someone … something.

    As the night grew long more joined the group of watchers, whispering their conclusions, assumptions, their theories … but none guessed the truth.

    It was only when the black cat slipped in at the stroke of midnight and they saw him come alive that they knew.

    He was the rat catcher.


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  3. Sacrifice
    “Jesus Christ! Can’t-do nothing right?!” This sentence greeted me most days when I visit Mom. Her aid was again cleaning the kitchen floor. Not again! Hope has “the touch.” My internal debate continues. Could I ask for help from them? What will I sacrifice? I refused to have children; I am 27. Tomorrow!
    My knees can barely keep me standing. They greet me as if they were expecting me. The Sachem says he wants me. Three months and my mom will be healthy. Trust, such a powerful thing. However, faith is gold! I will survive!

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  4. Well, here is my Flash Fiction Story…

    The Distinguished Mr. Natas Mai

    The great day came at last for Samantha.

    The pastor’s wife was really happy: Mr. Natas Mai seemed to be the right man for her daughter.

    However, the pastor was uneasy…He took the letter the man sent his daughter and prayed fervently. Suddenly, God revealed him something odd in the letter…

    The name…

    He searched it in the local phone guides and it wasn’t there.

    The name was fake.

    If the name was read the other way around, the words I AM SATAN would be loud and clear to him.

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  5. Memories came rushing back to Grace as she opened her last birthday gift. It was wrapped in a matte black paper with thick red ribbon. In a beautiful wooden box was a black rose, the kind that only existed in grace’s poems, a kind she said that the world didn’t deserve. it came with a small page, clearly torn from an old book that said.

    ‘And i will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten’

    hi, i am new here. I’ve finally taken up the courage to start blogging. I’m just getting familiar with word press. i hope I’ve followed the rules correctly.

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