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Writing Tip: Manage Your Time Wisely

As I’m working on my book The Agency Games, (with deadlines approaching quickly) I find that managing my time wisely is a necessity if I want to finish on time.

For those of you who write, maybe you have deadlines set by a publishing house, maybe you have deadlines set by yourself (either way, you NEED deadlines – see deadline tip for why). Now comes the harder part, succeeding in those deadlines.

I get it, life is busy! So dang busy and it often feels like its impossible to write. I cannot tell you how many comments on facebook groups that I’ve seen where people say their hardest writing struggle is simply finding the time to write at all.

And on some days, I’ll be honest, those people are right. There is just No. dang. time.

However, that is SOME DAYS. Not every day. Some days it will be impossible, MOST DAYS it will just be hard. We are writers – we should be used to hard, but not impossible goals!

One way that we can manage our time wisely is to plan our writing time. You can either do this at a specific time each day or on specific days of the week. Hear me out, we plan and set aside time for getting together with friends, going to our kids sport games, going out to dinner, watching TV at home. Writing is just another activity (an important one) that needs its own time slot.

So schedule some time that is only meant to be used for writing (not laundry, or homework, or anything else). Once you are in this writing time, optimize your time by reducing distractions. That means, if you are a parent, your writing time should probably be before the kids wake up or after they are asleep. If your a college student, you should probably do it first thing in the morning before classes, that way you can do your homework after the classes. Also, set aside your phone (see tip on distractions) and give yourself this time to devote to writing.

clock animated gif pic

Don’t be like the white rabbit and miss out on your writing time!

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When do you find is the best time to optimize your writing?

Happy Writing Everyone!



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19 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Manage Your Time Wisely”

    1. I used to say the exact same thing and it really is not an easy thing to accomplish. I find that my best writing time is first thing in the morning before the day can distract me. Good luck! I’m glad you are enjoying the tips

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  1. I’m a morning writer. That’s when my brain works the best. I seem to have a bit of a lull after lunch, then another couple of hours late afternoon. It’s no use asking my brain to work in the evening. That’s my time for vegging in front of the TV and playing with the dog.

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  2. Unfortunately for me, I’ve started a fictional book a few months ago, but due to some environmental people and some lack of time , I’ve stopped writing a long time ago. But i used to write in the evenings

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  3. I write when I’m waiting for something. I carry a little notebook and jot my ideas down. It also helps that when I do write, I don’t do it while lying down. That’s just going to make me sleepy.

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  4. Mornings are best for me, while I am sipping my coffee. I like some background noise, preferably music, which I like classic rock and roll. Music that is slow and melancholy doesn’t inspire my creativity. I store words and phrases in a Word document.

    Thanks for posting this Kayla and there are some great tips in the comments.

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  5. This is a great post! I always find myself having trouble making the time to write! My brain is screaming at me that it wants to write something, but life always seems to find a way of delaying it! The rest of my life is scheduled, so it only makes sense to make a schedule for writing.

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