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Something NEW For this Blog: Introducing Short Stories

Hello everyone!

For the most part my blog has focused on Writing Tips, some poetry, Blogmas, and my reading list. However, I am about to add something new to my blog and I hope you enjoy it!

Image result for gif something new
I somewhat apologize for the High School Musical reference but I honestly couldn’t help myself.

In approximately 12 hours (at 9amPST on January 9th), I will be posting the first part of a four-part short story tilted Redemption that I published in 2015. I will then post the subsequent parts in the following days.

These words first met print in The Dazed Starling and follow the complex life of Galia, a young resident of an insane asylum. This fictional piece is one of my first published pieces and as such, is close to my heart. I really hope that each of you will enjoy reading it and more importantly, that you will let me know your opinions in the comments.

Dazed Starling

I hope to hear from you then!

Happy Writing and Reading Everyone!

18 thoughts on “Something NEW For this Blog: Introducing Short Stories”

  1. That’s really nice introducing something new into your blog. My best wishes for you on the same!
    I recently started a change on my blog as well. I wrote revjews on movies, books etc. And now I started to write posts with not just a review but what I feel about it and lots of other stuff. So far it’s going gpod. I hope yours goes great too!

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