Blogmas 2017

Reblogged TShaw’s Ideas for Christmas Gifts

Reblogging this post from TShaw, a new and awesome blogger! I’ve always struggled with gift giving, but she’s got great ideas!


“Blogmas Day 11: Christmas gifts for her or birthday gifts for me?

Happy Blogmas Day 11! We are almost halfway!

When I first googled Blogmas, I instantly came across several lists that supplied Blogmas post ideas.

The most popular idea dealt with gift giving: gifts for her, gifts for him, etc. I immediately chuckled, because I do not classify myself as a gift giver, and I certainly didn’t have any pro tips to offer on the subject.

In fact, I find Christmas stressful, because it is all about finding the perfect gifts for those you love, and it doesn’t help that I’m a procrastinator. Maybe I could be a successful gift giver if I gave myself ample time.

But if you read my Blogmas Day 9, you know I recently had a birthday. After receiving so many amazing gifts, I now feel confident that I can help myself and assist my fellow bloggers who share my struggle.

Before, I steal my friends’ great ideas. I’d just like to say that gifts aren’t everything. Although I appreciate the gifts I received, I value the friendships behind the gifts so much more. So, don’t worry if you can’t afford much or anything at all. Just remember to love a little tighter; I’m sure that’ll be more than enough.

Now, let us begin!

1. Books?

First, I’ll begin with the book on the left. If you’ve read my very first post, you already know that Walk Two Moons by Sharon Creech is my favorite book of all time. However, I have not read ANY of her other works. Although, it has been on my to do list for a long time.
I think this is a good gift, because it acknowledges what I already love, but it also pushes me to explore new things.

The book on the right, The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum, is a classic. The cover is aesthetically pleasing, and it has beautiful pictures inside.

But more than that, these books remind me of why I bonded with this friend in the first place. It was our love of books that drew us closer. So, think back. What was it that sparked your love and friendship?

2. Experiences

(FYI, AMC is a movie theater)

Don’t give me a thing; give me something to do.

Whenever I’m asked, what do you want for your birthday/Christmas, I rarely have an answer. I’m not a shopper, so I don’t even know what’s out there. But, I’m always down for a night out. Homework usually keeps this student inside. So, I appreciate the incentive to get out of the house. Like yesterday, I got to enjoy Disneyland. . . .”

Read the rest of her awesome blog post here!

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