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Author Interview with Priya Singh (A.K.A. Wanderings of a Lost Soul)

Priya Singh, more commonly known on WordPress as Lost Soul for her wonderful blog “Wanderings of a Lost Soul” recently took first place in my Poetry Contest held in October and November for her poem “Under a Vulgar Tree.” As the host of the contest, I have asked to interview this amazing poet.

K. So Priya, when and why did you start writing? What do you prefer to write?

P. I used to write earlier too though it was a piece here, a poem there. I found myself writing with passion after my heartbreak. I feel that was a kind of blessing in a disguise. I actually found myself back. I love to write whatever my heart wants to.

K. Are you currently working on anything special right now?

P. Not particularly. I want to be my best. I am focusing on writing more.

K. Have you been published or are you working toward becoming published?

P. No, I am not published yet. Yes I am looking forward to becoming publish.

K. What are you wanting to publish? poetry? fiction? non-fiction?

P. Right now Poetry. But fiction is in my mind too. Waiting for a right story to stuck.

K. What book is most influential for your own work?

P. Haven’t given a thought about it. But I am much inspired from Bronte sisters and Austen.

K. If you could be any character from a book, who would you want to be and why?
P. Oh there are many. Eliza from Austen’s pride and prejudice for she was intelligent, smart. Jane eyre herself, for I loved her passion. Hermia and Rosalind from Shakespeare’s plays.  And there are more. 

K. What is your advice to new authors? What is your advice to new bloggers?

P. To new Bloggers I would just like to say keep on focusing on your work rather than following. It does matter but not much. Of course when your work is good people will read. And write for yourself.
I write because that is my solace. It gives me peace of mind. Do that. Write to be yourself.
And to authors well, i myself am new. And I love reading your tips, KaylaAnn. 😍


This interview was conducted over email in November 2017 by KaylaAnn with Priya Singh.

16 thoughts on “Author Interview with Priya Singh (A.K.A. Wanderings of a Lost Soul)”

  1. Your poem was gorgeous! Congrats on winning the contest. You say you enjoy the Bronte sisters and I Austen, I do too. When I was reading your poem, it reminded me of Emily Bronte.

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