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Poetry Contest CLOSED

That’s it everyone!

its done the lord of the rings GIF

The poetry contest, opened in October is now closed. However, it is not “done” quite yet Frodo, I still need to announce the winners!

I will be tallying up the points all night from such wonderful submissions. I truly have a difficult choice before me.

Thank you to everyone who submitted a poem, shared the blog post, or just said hello. You guys have been great! I was hoping that this would be an enjoyable event in my blogging career and guess what:

done the emperors new groove GIF

I had so much fun! I hope you did too. Be sure to pop around the comments and check out each other’s poetry.

                 You waiting on the results               vs.                       me trying to decide the winners 

nervous judy garland GIF                                    nervous sailor moon GIF

I will be posting the winners of the Poetry Contest tomorrow at 8am Pacific Standard Time.

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