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Writing Tip: Just sit on down and WRITE

This one may sound redundant but hear me out first.

So often as writers I feel we forget how important it is to sit down every single day and write. Especially for those of us who have family responsibilities, educational distractions, work obligations, you name it. As a Graduate level college student, my time is often split according to my classes. I began my last semester and am charged with writing a Thesis which is due in two weeks. No doubt this semester has brought many difficulties, and one such difficulty is finding ways to nurture my writing while also adhering to necessary, academic deadlines.

Our lives are filled with distractions that can often keep us from our passions. We find ourselves at the end of the day, crawling into bed, exhausted, only to remember that we never got to our writing. We assure ourselves that we will get to it the next day, do even more to make up for the missed time and before we know it a week has passed without writing.

So here’s today’s tip: Write!

Every single day be sure and set aside some time to write. Whether it’s 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 60 minutes or more, be sure to make it a daily habit to put your pen to paper (or your fingers to a keyboard if that’s your thing). Maybe put a reminder in your phone or have a notebook placed by your bed to remind you to write.

Just remember, in order to be writers we need to write!!!

Happy Writing Everyone!

What do you do to make sure you write everyday? Do you do a word count? If so, what?



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24 thoughts on “Writing Tip: Just sit on down and WRITE”

  1. You’re extraordinary, balancing school and a budding writing career. I can’t imagine doing both. Great advice; journaling also helps me. If I can’t focus on one of my stories or WIPs, scribbling in a journal, organizing my thoughts, inspires me.

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    1. Thank you Veronica, that is very kind of you to say so! Sometimes, I do get a bit off-balanced in one area or another.
      That’s a great idea! It helps to get out those thoughts and you’re still writing 😀


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